A Companion to Ancient Greek Government

A Companion to Ancient Greek Government

Language: English

Pages: 612

ISBN: 1405198583

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This comprehensive volume details the variety of constitutions and types of governing bodies in the ancient Greek world.

  • A collection of original scholarship on ancient Greek governing structures and institutions
  • Explores the multiple manifestations of state action throughout the Greek world
  • Discusses the evolution of government from the Archaic Age to the Hellenistic period, ancient typologies of government, its various branches, principles and procedures and realms of governance
  • Creates a unique synthesis on the spatial and memorial connotations of government by combining the latest institutional research with more recent trends in cultural scholarship

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and Aristotle took it extremely seriously. In Plato's Statesman, one of his late dialogues, the Sokratic doctrine enunciated by Xenophon, opposing a good and a bad form of monarchy, is developed in a more systematic fashion, articulating the fifth-century blueprint—rule of the one, rule of the few, rule of the many—into a six-fold typology including correct forms and deviations (291d–292a; see also Arist. Pol. 3.1279a18–b10). Making use finally of the

vengeance they went to even greater lengths, not stopping at what justice or the good of the state demanded, but making the party caprice of the moment their only standard, and invoking with equal readiness the condemnation of an unjust verdict or the authority of the strong arm to glut the animosities of the hour. Thus religion was in honor with neither party; but the use of fair phrases to arrive at guilty ends was in high reputation. Meanwhile the

The Role-Model Amphiktyony: Anthela and Delphi Spatial Connectivity at Sea: The Amphiktyony of Delos The Other Amphiktyonies: Kalaureia and Onchestos Amphiktyonic Approaches Chapter 30: Polis and koinon Isomorphism Centers and Brokers Instability or Durability? Networks and Social Capital Contingency Chapter 31: Governing Interstate Alliances The Main Interstate Alliances Distinguishing Features of Interstate Alliances Conclusion Chapter 32: Interstate Governance

sees counseling as the privilege of the intelligent (6.39.1). The prescript of most Attic decrees underlines that they have been decided on by the council and the people; moreover, in the fourth century it also contains the names of the arch n of the year, the prytany, the secretary, the chairman, and the proposer. Rule of law Obeisance to the law was not only regarded as compatible with the idea of freedom, but as an indispensable corollary of freedom; it could even be

and above their fellow-citizens. In doing so, the citizen body as a whole adopted the image that members of the local elites created for themselves, even to the point of conceding that those benefactors were possessed of virtues inherited from their forefathers. It became possible for an assembly of the people to utter the wish that the offspring of such men would follow in their footsteps or to express their condolences if one of their sons had died before he came of age.

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