Babel Codex (Rogue Angel, Book 43.5)

Babel Codex (Rogue Angel, Book 43.5)

Alex Archer, Mel Odom

Language: English

Pages: 70

ISBN: 2:00307096

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In this electrifying new novella, heroine Annja Creed uncovers yet another one of history's monsters.

From the Old Testament comes a new danger...

Fighting skeletons in Addis Ababa isn't in Annja's contract. Especially when they're "entertainment" rigged by an obnoxious radio DJ during the filming of the TV show she hosts, Chasing History's Monsters. But the accidental discovery of an ancient clay brick turns the prank into deadly peril for the intrepid archaeologist.

If Annja's hunch is right, the brick is merely the first key to a greater discovery: the Tower of Babel. Now, with Joan of Arc's sword in hand and killers at her heels, she must race across the Middle East to unravel the puzzle first. Enemies and allies will face off against each other--and themselves. To survive, Annja will have to defeat them all...because in the end there can be only one winner.

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pirates about Tequila Blossom. Calmly, Garin dumped the empty brass from the big revolver and thumbed in more rounds as the pirates regrouped aboard the boat and brought their weapons to bear. “Now, Evander.” Garin snapped the cylinder closed and watched as a rocket from one of the nearby ships his men had taken up positions on streaked across the water and detonated on the boat, turning it into a roiling mass of orange and black flames. Fiery debris rained down. Gray smoke streaked the black

It wasn’t for her, she knew that. It was the smile he wore whenever he was in battle. “Quite the party you have here.” Garin spoke in German. “Not my party.” Annja replied in the same language. “Do you know how to get out of here?” “The same way we got in.” Garin looked around. “There must be another way. Bhalla and his men are fleeing somewhere. My men are covering the door, and yet our opposition grows steadily less.” Annja had noticed that, too. She shifted around the stalagmite and

believe might have been the Tower of Babel.” “The Tongue Tower. I know. I’ve seen it and helped with a dig there one summer during grad school. It’s not what we’re looking for.” Annja hated sweltering in the heat, but even more she hated the feeling that she wasn’t going to find what she was looking for. She reached for the brick, picking it up and studying the inscriptions again. Her damp fingers picked up color from it and she quickly put it down, wondering again at how it had survived over

had crashed to the floor and shattered, either from earthquakes in the area or a result of the artillery shelling. Six columns made from stone cubes a yard to a side were spread out across the chamber. Each exposed facet of the cubes told some of the story of the building of the Tower of Babel. Annja ran her fingers over the nearest one, finding a strange groove that ran along it at the top of the first cube. A recessed area in the far wall looked like an altar or a puppet theater, a

viable operation several centuries ago. Roots erupted from the walls, and several tendrils that looked like spaghetti stuck down in places. The stink of fresh earth filled the room. The dig’s location outside Addis Ababa was a building, an abandoned hotel that dated to World War I. Communities tended to build on older cities. People evolved over time, but they didn’t move away as long as the resources were there. “I know. I heard.” Burris grinned and nodded, then pulled out an earpiece. “He was

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