Birthright: Battle for the Confederation- Crusade

Birthright: Battle for the Confederation- Crusade

Ryan Krauter

Language: English

Pages: 251

ISBN: B008190OV2

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Confederation of Systems and Priman Empire have been battling for the rights to an entire galactic arm, with still no clear winner. The Primans are winning the push towards the galactic core, however, and for every mission the Confederation launches, the Primans have a response ready.

For Loren Stone, the XO of CSS Avenger, though, the war has turned deeply personal. The Primans have infected an entire planet with a DNA weapon that will remove the Priman DNA that is part of the genetic makeup of so many humanoids in the galaxy. The infected planet is Toral: Loren's home and the place where an entire population, including his wife, now watch the days tick away until the virus starts its' devastating work.

As Loren sees it, there is only one option: find a cure. To do that, Avenger will cross Priman space, going deep into their own territory in search of anything that can save the people of Toral. Along the way, they meet some old friends in Garrett Drayven and Halley Pascal, as well as some old enemies in the Enkarrans, who have now been officially integrated into the Confederation fleet.

Add to that the fact that the man in charge of the Confederation seems friendlier to the Primans than his own Navy, and Loren's mission will take everything he has to offer, and maybe then some.

Condé Nast Traveller [UK] (October 2015)

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view of the data on the table's surface as it scrolled by.  ?So what does Admiral Bak have in mind for us here?? he asked. ?The next two locations on the itinerary are worlds where AI support is very high, either openly or through various fringe groups.? ?So which one are we dealing with here?? ?Well, the royal family has done pretty well by listening to the people, and a lot of folks here are pretty open to the idea of AI technology.  As far as we know, they're still following the AI Accords,

I'm sorry.? The human continued to stare at the captain, who finally looked away nervously. ?You're a horrible liar,? the Trin captain out in the corridor commented.  ?We'll get to work.  If it takes too long, we'll just come back down here and start cutting off fingers.  From both of you.? And with that, the Trin was gone.  CHAPTER 6 Halley remained on the bridge where two pirates with automatic blasters covered the crew where they were clustered in one corner by the astrographics table.

?What are you going to do to him?? asked Captain Two-Swords from out of view of the compartment where Web and Halley had instructed him to stand.  Web had just told the captain to play along and forget about the collaboration business, and they let Daemon assume the captain was simply protecting the ship's safe when he and Web had gone off earlier with the pirates.  The First Officer was likewise told to keep quiet about what she knew.  Web and Halley had agreed that the two senior officers were

sort of thing to the pros.? ?You're ready to kill me?? the pirate asked defiantly.  ?You can remove all the air from in here, so why would I help you if that's what you have in store for me anyway?? ?Oh, there's no need to kill you,? Web assured the man.  ?That's why we're here and I'm not making you walk the airlock.  I don't want to have to kill you to prove I'm willing to kill you.  So, that leaves us with this decon chamber.  Would you prefer I go right to removing the air, though?? ?You

to find out why we were attacked.? Her blaster again began to drift towards Loren, who made it a point to draw on her, freezing her in her tracks.  ?I find it professionally disappointing that after all we've been through,? he began in a tired voice, ?you still want to shoot me.  I'm not here for you.  You can go, and in fact you should go, right now and to a place far from here.  Because the Primans are in town and with that always comes chaos and bloodshed.? ?Primans?? asked Mako, standing

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