Blood Trillium

Blood Trillium

Julian May

Language: English

Pages: 450

ISBN: 0553561987

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Twelve years after the princesses Haramis, Kadiya, and Anigel vanquish the sorcerer Orogastus, Haramis's talisman reveals a grave threat to the unity of the sisters and the future of Ruwenda. Reprint. PW.

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had finally ended. Orogastus was carrying three big tomes bound in crumbling leather back to their shelf. He smiled as Tolo appeared and slipped the books into their places. “Well, lad! Have you come to help me glean this vart’s-nest of its few nuggets of useful magical lore? One can tell from the filth and neglect that the pirates care little for scholarship. Still, they might possibly have stolen something useful when they still bothered to carry off books, so I felt obliged to examine the

already becoming chilly, but Kadiya was sweating in her ceremonial corselet of hard golden fish-scales. Her amulet hung from a cord at her neck and her auburn braids were bound tightly to her head. She sat down stiffly on one of several wicker stools beside the firepan. When Haramis calmly joined her, Kadiya began to make a great business of pulling dry fern stalks from a nearby basket. She broke them up for fuel and fed them into the small blaze, which she blew upon to keep it from smoldering

minutes marshaling his composure. Then he asked the coronet to show him the position of the Ruwendian forces who had gone to the relief of Var, helping to drive off Zinora and its pirate allies. That conflict was over now, and the successful warriors of Ruwenda were on their way home. On the map before him, a scatter of glowing dots materialized along the Great Mutar River, down south in the vast Tassaleyo Forest that formed the indeterminate border between Ruwenda and Var. Good enough. There

what had happened. When you finally brandished your talisman, the Aliansa who clung to you swam off, and Lam-Sa and I were able to take hold of you and draw you to the surface and onto the rocks. You seemed to have passed safely beyond, but Jagun was unceasing in his sharing of breath with you.” “Thank you,” she said, turning to her Nyssomu friend with a grateful smile. “In time, the Lords of the Air bore your spirit back into your body,” Lummomu-Ko said. “Humans from the ship heard our cries

listened to this recital with increasing misgiving. Now, with Anigel having fallen silent, she asked: “What does Kadiya intend to do? Lead the Ruwendian troops in the defense of Var?” “Nay. She … she and I had a fearful quarrel over the matter of the ransom. I think she would have killed me, had she dared, to prevent my handing the coronet over to the sorcerer. She said she would rally the Ruwendians and send them south. But then she plans to travel to the Place of Knowledge and ask of its

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