Bloodhoney (Wyrmeweald, Book 2)

Bloodhoney (Wyrmeweald, Book 2)

Paul Stewart, Chris Riddell

Language: English

Pages: 186

ISBN: 0385617410

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From the creators of the Edge Chronicles comes the second installment in the fantastic tale of Wyrmeweald!

Winter is a dangerous time in the wyrmeweald. Once a magnificent wilderness, the home of the dragon-like wyrmes has become an icy wasteland. Brutal battles rage between the evil kith, intent on ravaging all that they can, and the wyrme-friendly kin. Young Micah is safe in a winter den, sheltered from the intense cold, with kin Eli and the beautiful, dangerous wryme-rider Thrace. Thrace aches to leave the den and fly through the skies on her whitewyrme, but Micah knows they are safer indoors. Meanwhile, a brutal assassin approaches, fueled by the invigorating liquor known as bloodhoney and seeking vengeance. Micah and his friends are being hunted—and nowhere in the wyrmeweald is truly safe.

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smoke rose from its �nostrils. High above, the sky was glowering and curdled. It was raw cold, but there was no wind. The wyrme cocked its head and eyed the keld’s victims pegged out in the snow. Two kith, one kin. His kin. She was alive, at least. The whitewyrme’s gaze returned to the hulking figure of the keld standing over her, knife in hand. It arched its sinuous neck, the muscles beneath the white scales tensing as it prepared to engulf the keld in flame. The winter caller dropped down

not at the water, but at the icecrust itself, which shattered as the creature’s sharp snout struck. It plunged into the water beneath, then rose again, water showering from its back as it flapped its wings. The pink and brown fish that the �silverback had concealed beneath the ice was clamped in its own powerful jaws. ‘Come on, Micah,’ said Eli. ‘The light’s beginning to fade.’ They headed up the river a ways, till it disappeared beneath a roof of snow. Then, taking small tentative steps, they

at the blackgage, not looking at her, waiting for her reply. ‘There were some kith,’ she said at length. Micah paused. ‘’Bout a year and a half back. Somewhere twixt half­summer and full as I recall.’ She frowned. ‘Seven of them. Four men. Three women …’ Micah picked up another of the purple-black fruits. ‘We welcomed them, as we welcome all travellers to Deephome, but …’ Cara’s face clouded over. ‘They … they did not want our hospitality, only to help themselves to our stores … And worse.’

�otherwise. But last night’s supper had not been like all the others … Micah tested the boot. The glue had set and the thick sole seemed bonded to the leather uppers. It would need proper stitching with wyrmegut if it was to hold fast on the trail, but it would do for now. He pulled the boot on and, climbing to his feet, turned to go. ‘There you are, Micah, lad,’ said Eli. The cragclimber was standing by the shelfstack eyeing him levelly. ‘Good to see you’re keeping your kit in good repair.

the other, when her father had surprised them. He had loomed over them, his tufted eyebrows knitted together with concern. ‘You look flushed, daughter,’ he’d told her, and pressed the palm of his hand to her forehead. ‘I’m fine, Father,’ Cara had said. She’d attempted to pull away, but Kilian had held her head still with his other hand, and maintained the pressure on her brow. ‘Don’t argue with me,’ he’d said, and there was a hard edge to his voice. ‘Your temperature is higher than it should

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