Brothers In Arms (Matt Drake Book 5)

Brothers In Arms (Matt Drake Book 5)

David Leadbeater

Language: English

Pages: 188


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Book 5 in the Matt Drake series. These books should be read in the correct order.


Recommended for those who love an escapist action adventure.


Praise for 'The Bones of Odin' - a UK #1 Bestseller


"Bond meets The Da Vinci Code but with higher stakes!"

"If you like Andy McDermott or Matthew Reilly, get this book."

A new agency, a new era, and Matt Drake goes head to head with the government of North Korea. Whilst en route to investigate an assassination threat, Drake and Mai Kitano are blown out of the skies and cast adrift in a storm-tossed ocean before being marooned on a deserted island.

Back home, the clock is ticking, but the deadly jigsaw puzzle of events refuses to fit together. Assassins stalk the streets of Washington DC. Civilians are being murdered by ordinary-seeming Americans turned expert killers for no apparent reason.

Hayden and her team search for the fateful link between five total strangers. Mai tries to almost single-handedly capture the enemy island, and Drake storms his way over land from North Korea and across China and Europe, destroying a human trafficking ring as he goes.

And as the pieces finally come together and time is running out the new team are thrust into a literal race against time, a deadly interstate contest of vehicular warfare, where only the hardest, fastest and most capable men and women will make it out alive.

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who had never put a foot wrong in his life. “Juvey record’s locked,” Karin commented. “Just like Markel’s.” The blond turned toward Hayden. “I think we should bring some pressure to bear. That’s two out of two and pretty much our only link.” “There’s a reason they lock a kid’s record, sis,” Ben said. “It’s to protect them.” Hayden agreed with Karin. They had found a link and it needed pursuing. Trouble was, their own agency didn’t have any clout yet. “I’ll call Jonathan.” But then Karin’s

widescreen TV, several loungers, a big sofa and a round table pockmarked with knife scores. Several men stared at her, stunned. Mai opened fire without mercy. There wasn’t a man on this base worth saving. She believed that as much as she believed in herself. Bodies pounded back into the walls or tumbled over the sofa. Mai allowed a man to scramble out the open window to raise the alarm and bounded across the hallway. Into a kitchen. A Korean guard was running at her in mid-flight, checking his

smirked. “I’ll take that bet, pal. My pound’s on Saint Tropez.” Romero cracked open the hatch and peered out. It was full dark outside. Lightning flickered across the horizon. A light drizzle infused the air. As Drake climbed higher, the surroundings began to piece themselves together, inch by inch. Romero let out a breath. “This sure ain’t Europe, bro.” The dark curves and jagged edges of high mountains encircled them. Both land and sea rested in pitch-blackness, apart from several rows of

are people who want this team to fail,” Gates told them seriously. “Rivals on the Hill. I could name two without thinking. I’m just not sure yet how far they’re willing to go.” Drake understood but it was combat, not politics, that concerned him. “You take care of them. We”—he indicated the big screen—“will take care of this.” Hayden stepped in quickly. “Mai. Drake. You get the flight. The rest of us will start looking into Senator Turner.” Alicia blinked in surprise. “What about—?” Mano

place was overgrown, brown grass and barren trees were whipped by a stiff wind out of the east. A broken down hangar stood like an imposing old man, barren and desolate against the bloody dawn. A weed-strewn, pitted runway was the only road out. “Forget something?” Drake turned to Alicia. But the Englishwoman was already texting. Drake shook his head. “Next thing you’ll be a Facebook celebrity.” “Always been a social media flirt.” She smiled a little. “Now I’m just a social whore.” Romero

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