Callsign: King - Book 2 - Underworld (a Jack Sigler - Chess Team Novella)

Callsign: King - Book 2 - Underworld (a Jack Sigler - Chess Team Novella)

Jeremy Robinson, Sean Ellis

Language: English

Pages: 186

ISBN: 0984042318

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Strange things have always happened in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona... Bizarre lights, reports of cave entrances that appear and then vanish, hundreds of mysterious disappearances...and rumors of monstrous creatures that inhabit a labyrinthine underworld. When a terrifying accident on an Arizona highway leads to a military exclusion zone and a cover-up of staggering proportions, Jack Sigler-Callsign: King, field leader of the elite and ultra-secret covert Chess Team-joined by his closest friend, archaeologist George Pierce, sets out into the desert, intent on discovering the truth. Assisted by a beautiful paranormal investigator, dogged by soldiers intent on preserving the quarantine and pursued by a relentless legendary hitman, King soon finds himself in a race against time to prevent all out war with the creatures that inhabit the underworld.

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down the rocky trail. She cursed her bad luck, instinctively cradling her scraped and bleeding palms. But even as the echoes of her oath and the sounds of tumbling rocks jarred loose by her fall were swallowed up by the night, she heard another noise that turned her blood to ice. It was one of those sounds that everyone recognized instantly, even if their only experience with it was from movies and nature documentaries—a rapid clicking sound, almost like a party noise-maker. It was the

Humvee erupted off the crest of the hill. He caught a glimpse of the other vehicle’s headlights, shining out through the dust cloud like spotlights searching the sky, but then the beams dipped down to illuminate the sludge pond. King’s Humvee rolled forward, traversing the slope diagonally, as the pursuing vehicle bounced and skidded straight into the sulfur dioxide tainted pool. King didn’t hear the splash, but knew that the truck had failed to stop in time when the headlights vanished. As he

increased the truck’s speed, albeit only for about three seconds. Then, it came to a very sudden stop. The Humvee slammed into the middle of the transformer station, annihilating the electrical equipment with kinetic energy alone. The truck then exploded in a ball of fire and debris that finished the job. As spectacular as the explosion was, it paled alongside the amount of raw power raining down from the sky. And even though the destruction of the transformer instantly shut down the

precipice, and stared out into the dark crater where Bluelight had stood only a few moments before. There was a sharp odor of burning metal, but the air above the pit was clear. The floor of the mine crater was dark, and King could only make out a faint glow, like the belly of a red hot woodstove, several hundred feet below. Aside from that, there was no visible sign that Bluelight had ever existed. There was gasp from behind him. “Oh my God.” King turned to find Pierce and Nina, both

of this mission, the WSPA needed someone with both undercover experience and a level head. Translation: my lack of passion keeps me from freaking out at the sight of whale blood. Call me a cocksucker in sign language and I'll throw red paint at you—or worse if I can get my hands on you. Kill a whale and I'll take notes. I believe in the cause—in a world full of cows, why hunt endangered or even threatened creatures? But I've lived all around the world, have eaten most meats imaginable,

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