Darkspell (Deverry Series, Book Two)

Darkspell (Deverry Series, Book Two)

Katharine Kerr

Language: English

Pages: 432

ISBN: 0553568884

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

On the long roads of Deverry ride two mercenaries whose fates like hidden deep in that of their own land.  But Lord Rhodry, exiled from the dragon court of Aberwyn, has yet to discover his true parentage, and his swordmaster-lover, Jill, has barely glimpsed her awesome powers.  Meanwhile, the ancient sorcerer Nevyn, held back by his vows from boldly intervening in their lives, can only watch and wait as Rhodry and Jill move ever closer to danger.  For as the two struggle to recover the Great Stone, the mystic jewel that guides the conscience of the kingship of Deverry, malevolent dark masters are weaving terrifying spells against them--and displacing messengers of death.

Katharine Kerr has extensively rewritten Darkspell, incorporating major changes in the text, making this her definitive edition.  Here the epic saga that began with the Daggerspell continues--a tale of might and magic, lust and glory, dark danger and poignant desires that echo from Deverry's sapphire waters to its secret mountain caverns.  It's a spellbinding story destined to please fantasy lovers everywhere.

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denied her. All at once they heard distant hoofbeats, riding fast from the south. “I suppose Burcan’s sending messengers or suchlike to his men,” Lypilla remarked. The Boarsmen in the meadow seemed to agree, because they rose, idly stretching, and turned toward the sound. Suddenly, out of a stand of trees, burst three riders in full mail and with swords at the ready. The Boarsmen stood frozen for a moment, then yelled and cursed as they drew swords: the riders were charging straight into them.

though the inhabitants were gone, driven in their case by fear of the Boar, not the Wolf. The weeds grew thick and green around the village well and down the paths. Under the apple trees the ungathered fruit lay rotting like gouts of blood. The houses seemed to be crouching together, the shuttered windows sad eyes reproaching those who’d deserted them. “I’ll be a fine lord indeed with no folk to rule,” Gwetmar remarked with a false-ringing jest in his voice. “The villagers will come back in

name?” “Primilla of Abernaudd, good sir. I’m out here looking for rare plants and suchlike for the dyers’ guild in Abernaudd.” “Fancy that! Well, won’t you take our hospitality? I can offer you a meal, if you don’t mind having breakfast for your dinner, anyway.” Primilla minded not in the least. While Maryl tended her horse and mules, she agreeably pitched into a trencher of bacon and a bowl Of barley porridge. She was full of precious news from Abernaudd, the royal city of Eldidd, and Scwna

anything else?” When their eyes locked, Primilla turned away and busied herself with admiring a floral arrangement. After a moment Ogretoryc broke away with a small snarl under his breath. “Allow me to escort you to the door, good dame,” he said. “You have my thanks for bringing me the letter.” The prince didn’t speak again until they were well out of the princess’s hearing. “Can you tell me where Mael is?” he said. “In Cannobaen, Your Highness.” “I thought he might be, but, here, don’t

light caught and focused in the center of the curved surface. Alastyr knelt over it, bracing himself with his hands and wishing that he had a proper table. Since he had never actually seen the Great Stone of the West, he couldn’t scry for it in the normal, easy manner. He took a deep breath and called on the evil names of the Lords of Husks and Rinds. At the names he felt spirits gather, but just beyond his mental reach. “Show me the stone,” he hissed. In the center of the mirror shadowy shapes

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