Destiny's Forge: A Man-Kzin Wars Novel

Destiny's Forge: A Man-Kzin Wars Novel

Paul Chafe

Language: English

Pages: 976

ISBN: 1416555072

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

For fifty thousand years the Kzinti Patriarchy thrived on battle fought for conquest. Against all odds the humans stopped them, and for five wars kept on stopping them. With its violent expansion checked internal strains have built up within the Patriarchy, and now they threaten to tear it apart. When the ambitious Kchula-Tzaatz makes a bid for ultimate power the established order comes tumbling down, and the flames of war burn hot in Destiny's Forge. Hammered on that Forge are; Major Quacy Tskombe, battle hardened warrior turned diplomat. His life is duty, his mission takes him to the Citadel of the Patriarch in a last ditch effort to avert war. When it all falls apart he's forced to choose between love and loyalty, with the fate of humanity hanging in the balance. Captain Ayla Cherenkova, starship commander. As talented as she is beautiful, her hatred of the Kzinti has driven her to the top. Her space combat genius is unmatched, but when she's trapped alone in the jungles of Kzinhome her survival will depend on a whole new skillset. Pouncer, First-Son-of-Meerz-Rritt, heir apparent to the galaxy's most powerful empire, now a nameless fugitive with the collapse of his father's dynasty. Survival demands escape, but honor demands vengeance, and the price of his Name will be paid in the blood of worlds.
Paul Chafe presents a masterpiece in the grand tradition of epic science fiction. No fan of Larry Niven's best-selling Known Space series can miss Destiny's Forge.

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mazourk kept the big grandmothers on the outside of the herd and the predators couldn't get close enough to take any of the smaller animals. They tried though, making feint attacks in pairs or threes, their rumbling hunt-calls echoing over the steady, rhythmic thudding of the tuskvor's heavily padded feet. She saw a herd grandmother kill a grlor then. The predator had made a feint at one of the juveniles who'd wandered from the center of the herd, then shied away from its mother as she came to

instant before, gouging a chunk from the flexible flooring. Pouncer rolled again, this time coming to his feet. He grabbed up a small bowl-table and threw it at his adversary. Ftzaal blocked it easily, the bowl separated from the table stand by his slicewire. Pouncer backed up and found himself against the curved side of the pop-dome. There was nowhere else to go. Ftzaal's snarl gaped wide, showing razor fangs, and he screamed and leapt, his slicewire blurring. Pouncer ducked and tried to leap

another species even for food. It was unnatural, but it was necessary. If the cetacean world was to have any influence over their own oceans, some dolphins had to work with the humans, even to the extent of helping them fight their wars. And so she was on the UNSN battleship Crusader, at the core of a fleet five hundred strong, plotting strategy as they boosted for the world the kzinti called W'kkai. She punched execute to run her strategic matrix, a complex condensation of a hundred thousand

rivulet and ate the kz'zeerkti T'suuz had killed the previous day. The flavor of the myewl leaves had seeped into the meat and Cherenkova found it delicious and satisfying even eaten raw. The meat was richer than zianya, though tougher, and it made a welcome change. After they had eaten Pouncer spoke. "You saved my life today, Cherenkova-Captain." She shook her head. "You and your sister are my only allies on this world. Without you, I would have died long ago." "Hrrr. This is true, but

fealty belongs to the Rrit. I have no time in my life which is not bent to this task." He took his paw away and unfurled his ears as he contemplated Tskombe. "Have you some priority higher than your search for your mate?" And when you put it like that . . . Tskombe shook his head. "No. No I don't." Far Hunter growled in deep satisfaction. "Then it is settled. We will search on." He spun the gravcar for another pass up the valley from the river. "Look over there." Trina pointed.

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