Do Unto Animals: A Friendly Guide to How Animals Live, and How We Can Make Their Lives Better

Do Unto Animals: A Friendly Guide to How Animals Live, and How We Can Make Their Lives Better

Language: English

Pages: 200

ISBN: 1579656234

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

#1 New York Times bestseller and USA Today bestseller

The more we know about the animals in our world and the better we care for them, the better our lives will be. Former veterinary technician and animal advocate Tracey Stewart understands this better than most—and she’s on a mission to change how we interact with animals. Through hundreds of charming illustrations, a few homemade projects, and her humorous, knowledgeable voice, Stewart provides insight into the secret lives of animals and the kindest ways to live with and alongside them. At home, she shows readers how to speak “dog-ese” and “cat-ese” and how to “virtually adopt” an animal. In the backyard, we learn about building bee houses, dealing nicely with pesky moles, and creative ways to bird-watch. And on the farm, Stewart teaches us what we can do to help all farm animals lead a better life (and reveals pigs’ superpowers!). Part practical guide, part memoir of her life with animals, and part testament to the power of giving back, Do Unto Animals is a gift for animal lovers of all stripes.

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adopted from shelters instead of buying from pet stores or online breeders, millions of dogs would be saved from being euthanized each year, not to mention the thousands of adult dogs that would be spared from puppy mill life. Many folks are still unaware of the terrible conditions for parent dogs that are left behind in puppy mills once their pups are shipped away. They are also unaware of the dangerous conditions that puppies endure after being taken from their mothers, many not surviving the

their facial markings that make them look as if they’re wearing black masks, raccoons are the “bandits” of the animal kingdom. They sneak around at night and can get a reputation for pawing through our trash cans, crashing around, and making noise. Raccoons have nimble fingers and can unlatch cages and unlace strings. They help us by cleaning up roadkill and other carcasses that we do not want to see or touch. The Opossum Another night scavenger, the opossum roams our lawns and invades our

allowed me to set my own hours and came with my very own van filled with candy! While driving through various towns on my candy route, I found myself unable to pass any animal shelter without going inside. I felt compelled to share a moment with every one of the dogs caged there. I would try to look into each dog’s eyes, and as I did so, my heart would break into tiny pieces. (Luckily, I’m allergic to cats, or my trips would have taken even longer.) This candy gig was supposed to be allowing

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not-for-profit, they rely heavily on donations of goods and dollars to gather all the equipment needed to meet their residents’ needs. It’s best to check with your sanctuary before sending a care package, just to make sure that they can accept your gift and put the items to good use. •  Towels and blankets. Towels and blankets can be new or recycled. Send only those that are smooth and will not allow claws to become caught or entangled. Soft, nonwool blankets and towels are perfect for animals

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