Dragon Choir (Volume 1)

Dragon Choir (Volume 1)

Benjamin Descovich

Language: English

Pages: 232

ISBN: 150312181X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Prepare yourself for a fantasy romp of epic proportions.

When the days stretch and the land bakes, dragons will again scour the sky. A city of bones and a city of gold plot against each other while the rebellion gathers strength. A young man is caught in a tempest of intrigue that will forge a new era of freedom, or forever scar the land. He must discover the secret of the Dragon Choir to save his father and end the stranglehold of an unforgiven nation.

Fast paced action sautéed in a deliciously immersive narrative style.

Intelligent storytelling will teleport you into a rich and expansive world of magic where two powerful cultures collide in a deadly dance of politics and espionage. Both must contend with the seasonal migration of dragons lusting for gold and a rebellion gnawing for an end to slavery. Sword and sorcery explode from the pages on an epic scale following the exploits of a young man with a bounty on his head, a beautiful assassin who keeps her secrets close and a feisty rebel general with a plan to topple his oppressors. Only one thing can bring them together. The Dragon Choir.

#1 Epic Fantasy Bestseller

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“I’m just Elrin, my father didn’t—” Elrin was annoyed at himself. He was no good at keeping his secrets close. “Why should I say? Who are you?” “Minella, Minni, Witch, Wench, Reik, Jandan Spy. Your pick is as good as another’s.” “Are you really a witch and a spy? I don’t want to get mixed up in anything.” “Too late for that; seems you’re the politics of the day, Elrin No Name.” Minni handed Elrin a notice. “Picked this off the wall on the way in. Know anything about it?” It was a dead letter,

convinced himself that the dead letter against him was just part of the adventure. It was another verse for the bards to sing. There was no better tale to tell than one of adversity overcome. The bounce in his step petered out; a niggling doubt lodged in his mind like a stone stuck in his boot. The bounty hunters who chased him into the forest were just a taste of the sorts that would spill his blood, and they were so well-equipped. Elrin began to question how a dagger alone would serve as an

legs to close the distance as fast as possible. By the time the first two guards clattered to the deck and alerted their comrades, Minni attacked. They had no time to draw their weapons before she jabbed up with her poisoned stilettos, piercing each guard under the chin. If the poison didn’t kill them, the hole in the brain did. Minni spent no time inspecting her kills. She moved to the last pair of guards. They had witnessed her attack and had their swords already drawn. One edged forward

way. Her figurehead was a knight in full plate, carved to attention and layered with enough silver paint to reflect the morning light like polished steel. She gave a gentle nudge to the pier, her forward momentum diminished by the drag of the water and wind. Both ships were bigger than Juniper and to Elrin’s relief they kept their gun ports closed. They appeared to have every intention of following the orders Elrin sent on the solargraph. If the Jandans had other plans, the rebels would be

though her plate was empty. Delik noticed his own plate remained untouched. So he ate, enjoying the sharp cheese and sour pickle. Minni sipped her tea, leaning back in her chair. “Maybe so, maybe because we are important.” “So we are tools of the gods then. A scythe to reap, a shovel to dig a grave.” “Why not keep those tools oiled and sharp, so that they do a better job.” “What would the old Muden of Gren say if they heard you call them sacred oily rags of Ona? Fit only to keep rust from our

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