Empower (Embrace)

Empower (Embrace)

Jessica Shirvington

Language: English

Pages: 496

ISBN: 1492601772

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

It's all come down to this.

The final battle between Angels and Exiles is about to begin in this stunning conclusion to the must-read series Entertainment Weekly calls "addictive."

Two years ago, Violet Eden walked away from her home, her friends, the Academy, and hardest of all, she walked away from her soul mate, Lincoln.

But it's time to stop running.

Violet must find out who she really is―and exactly what she is capable of―before the abilities the angels gave her are turned against them. She is all that stands between the forces of good and evil...

It's time to make a choice

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lick, as a lion would his cub. And with a final look back at me, his eyes as blank as ever, he took off, bounding in great and mighty leaps all the way to the edge of the rooftop and beyond as Grigori watched in wonder. “Vi, you’re bleeding,” Lincoln said, sounding worried. My hand went to my face, and I looked down to see the streaks of blood that my eyes, nose, and mouth had left behind. My power was gone. I couldn’t feel it at all. I couldn’t feel the senses. I couldn’t feel the lure of my

that this would answer one of my greatest fears. “It was. Not that it mattered.” A tear slipped down my cheek. As much as it was a relief to know his soul pain ended when I brought him back, it was still horrible to know he’d had to suffer the pain even just for a few minutes. “Just leave, Lincoln,” I said quietly. “Please go.” He crossed his arms over his chest. “Nothing you can say will make me leave this room. Why are you asking about it, anyway, and who told you about the coldness?” But

stopping him in his tracks. Decima tilted her head as she studied me with interest. “I am not here to challenge you. You have grown, I see. It intrigues me and I admit that I do not know if you would better me in combat, but I do not think so.” That makes two of us. “Go on your mission. Bring back your friend,” she instructed. “Then why are you here?” I asked cautiously. “Because I heard a name I have not heard for centuries. I came to tell you that if you come up against Sammael, you will

looked up at everyone hovering around me, including half a dozen overgrown male Grigori crowding the small room. I was surprised to note that Carter had pushed his way into the throng. How have I managed to go from having no one to rooms packed with bodies in just a few days? My shoulder was burning me alive, but I settled a bored expression on them. “I appreciate everyone’s concern, but I’m fine. I’ll be good as gold when you all give me a little privacy and I can have a soak in the bath.”

searching for so long—hiding for even longer.” My eyes stung with unshed tears. “I’m human,” I whispered, my words catching in my throat. “And I get it now. My flaw is my strength.” I squeezed his hand. “I’ll fight for my family and friends to the end, Spence. And I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure no one else is hurt in the process.” • • • Lincoln found me as I left the infirmary and then led me to his—our—cabin. After a shower—one that Lincoln insisted we share for the all-important

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