False Horizon (Rogue Angel, Book 29)

False Horizon (Rogue Angel, Book 29)

Alex Archer, Jon F. Merz

Language: English

Pages: 170

ISBN: 2:00307154

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A small Nepali man melts into shadows. A cutthroat crime lord is looking for a miraculous cure. And a map to an impossible dream and a mythic paradise is pointing the way.

Archaeologist Annja Creed is in Katmandu, awash in its scents, sounds and liveliness. But this is no sightseeing trip. An old friend is in possession of a map that leads to a place that lies outside our world. But the map is known to one other¿a vicious man who has Annja and her companions right where he wants them. Her hand forced, Annja sets out in search of the fabled Shangri-La¿an expedition of danger and subversion.

And her journey will end only with triumph...or tragedy.

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And she welcomed it. ANNJA DRIFTED THROUGH a maze of dreams. Faces she hadn’t seen in years swept past her. Some of these she spoke to and had strange conversations with. Then they, too, would pass on and Annja would see another face. She flew over lands she’d visited before on other adventures. From the vast expanses of deserts to the freezing landscapes of both the far north and Antarctica, it seemed almost that Annja was playing out her entire life in one big flashback. Throughout the

“You guys okay?” Tuk had wandered off to find his father and Mike had come across the field. In the background, the music continued to play and Annja wondered how long it would carry on for. She nodded. “Just going over some things.” “Was that a cell phone I saw in Tuk’s hand?” Annja smiled. “Yes, it was. Apparently, the little guy had it with him the entire time.” Mike frowned. “You mean we could have been rescued before all of this?” “I doubt it, actually. There would have been no way to

now.” “What is?” “There is apparently something much bigger going on than any of us realized.” Annja sighed. “And it shows signs of infecting this place if what I just heard is to be believed.” “Are you kidding me? How would it impact this place? It’s like an unspoiled paradise here.” The expression on Mike’s face betrayed his sudden worry and apprehension. Annja tried to calm him down. “Mike, I know that you’re loving this place, but we aren’t the only ones who have been looking for it.” “I

is that?” Tuk got to his feet, feeling his heart thunder in his chest. Now they were mocking him. He felt his face redden at the thought of it. “Sit down, little man. Sit down and listen.” Tuk sat, still feeling furious. “It’s a shame you had to be so curious about things. We were hoping you would hold out long enough for us to complete what we’re working on here.” “I only asked a question,” Tuk said. “Yes, but you asked the question we didn’t want you to ask. Don’t you see? And now you’re

can hold out for a little while, but eventually you will cry and weep with joy when you tell me what I want to know. When I’m done with you, you will give me the sword.” Annja smiled. “I’ll give you the sword right now.” The soldier stopped. “You will?” Annja plunged the blade directly at him so fast, the soldier had no time to react and the blade stabbed through his fatigues and directly into his heart. Blood spurted out, coating the floor. The air was thick with the smell of copper and

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