Greek and Roman Architecture in Classic Drawings

Greek and Roman Architecture in Classic Drawings

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Perhaps the finest record of classical architectural detail ever made. Executed in the demanding technique of India ink and water color rendering, the illustrations include the Parthenon, Roman temples, Pantheon, Colosseum, many others. Unparalleled three-dimensionality and effects of scale. Enhanced with Introductory Notes by John Blatteau and Christiane Sears. Notes. Preface. 127 plates.

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required to produce these finely studied works of art. Even the simplest drawings require painstaking care and preparation before any of the washes are applied. Great skill is needed to do the necessary linework. All of the information must be recorded before tone is even thought about. The drawing is then meticulously transferred in ink to the watercolor paper and the paper mounted on a board. The rendering itself requires infinite care and patience. Each tone is built up through many faint

decorate the grand salon of the Palais Rose, as it was known. This magnificent mansion, which stood until 1969 on the Avenue Foch, was built for Boni de Castellane whose wife, Anna, was the youngest daughter of the railroad magnate Jay Gould. Her dowry paid for the palace. Conspicuous among his commissions was the decoration of the Chateau d’Artigny at Montbazon near Tours, which was the residence of François Coty, the perfumer. He executed a mural for the oval dome over the stairwell of the

restored by Paul Nénot Capital, restored by Paul Nénot Entablature, restored by Auguste Ancelet Various Details, by Auguste Ancelet Palestrina Fragments, restored by Louis Bernier Temple of Minerva at Assisi Capitals and Bases, restored by Louis Bernier Temple of Fortuna Virilis in Rome General View, restored by Paul Blondel Temple of Vespasian in Rome Frieze, restored by Paul Blondel Fragments from the Roman Forum Other Fragments, by Albert Tournaire Cornice, restored by Henri

Parthenon Elevation, restored by Edouard Loviot Restoration, by Edouard Loviot Sacred Precinct of Demeter at Eleusis Elevation, restored by Victor Blavette Temple of Aesculapius and Sacred Precinct at Epidaurus Restorations, by Alphonse-Alexandre Defrasse Corinthian Capital, by Alphonse-Alexandre Defrasse Tomb of Mausolus at Halicarnassus Elevation and Section by Louis Bernier Details, restored by Louis Bernier Tomb of Alexander from Sidon Long Side, by Ernest Hébrard Short

Details, restored by Edmond Paulin TEMPLE OF ROME AND AUGUSTUS AT ANCYRA (ANKARA) IN TURKEY Details of Door, restored by Edmond Guillaume THE PANTHEON General View and Plan by Felix Duban (1797—1870) Grand Prix de Rome, 1823 THE PANTHEON Corner of Pediment of Porch by Honoré Daumet THE PANTHEON Corinthian Capital and Base by Honoré Daumet THE PANTHEON Part of Corinthian Capital by Honoré Daumet THE PANTHEON Door, restored by Edmond Paulin THE PANTHEON AND FORUM OF TRAJAN Above, Garland

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