Hidden Deep: Book 1 of the Hidden Trilogy (Volume 2)

Hidden Deep: Book 1 of the Hidden Trilogy (Volume 2)

Amy Patrick

Language: English

Pages: 374

ISBN: 0990480771

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Give in to the Glamour… Sixteen-year-old Ryann Carroll has just run into the guy who saved her life ten years ago. You might think she'd be happy to see him again. Not exactly. She's a bit underdressed (as in skinny-dipping) and he's not supposed to exist. After her father's affair, all Ryann wants is to escape the family implosion fallout and find a little peace. She also wouldn't mind a first date that didn't suck, but she's determined not to end up like her mom: vulnerable, betrayed, destroyed. Ryann's recently moved back to her childhood home in rural Mississippi, the same place where ten years earlier she became lost in the woods overnight and nearly died. She's still irresistibly drawn to those woods. There she encounters the boy who kept her from freezing to death that long ago winter night and was nowhere to be seen when rescuers arrived. He's still mysterious, but now all grown-up and gorgeous, too. And the more she's with him, the greater the threat he poses to Ryann's strict policy-- never want someone more than he wants you. Seventeen-year-old Lad knows the law of his people all too well: Don't get careless and Don't get caught. It's allowed his race to live undetected in this world for thousands of years, mentioned only in flawed and fading folklore… Lad's never been able to forget about Ryann since that night ten years ago. When he sees her again, his fascination re-ignites and becomes a growing desire that tempts him to break all the rules. He's not even supposed to talk to a human, much less fall in love with one. And the timing is atrocious. The Assemblage is coming, the rift between the Light and Dark is widening, and mysterious celebrity fan pods are becoming more and more widespread and influential. Lad may have to trade his own chance at happiness to keep the humans, especially Ryann, blissfully unaware and safe.

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forever. And then he was there. I opened my eyes, my breath coming fast. Something very warm had touched my face. A boy, a little bigger than me, squatted in front of me, smiling. When I let out a surprised sound, my breath clouded the moonlit air between us. The boy jerked his hand back. We both jumped. Then his smile widened, and he laughed. He had on even less than I did—no shirt at all and bare feet poking out from under his pant legs. He should have been freezing, too, but he didn’t seem

“Really?” I was amazed by Lad’s willingness to buck his family’s opinion and risk his society’s disapproval for my sake. And that he believed he’d be able to get away with it. And that he needed me. “Absolutely. In a couple days, I should be ready to move about again, and I’ll show you more of my home. ” Privately, I doubted that would ever happen. I felt like I was here on a minute-by-minute pass. His father would probably eject me from the premises as soon as he was sure Lad’s health was out

really my specialty, though.” “Influence? What do you mean?” “Well, all Elves have a certain degree of influence—we call it Sway—but different family lines have different strengths when it comes to glamour. For some it’s a more powerful ability to influence human minds. For others it’s emotional connection, musical ability, physical prowess, even…” He blushed. “…even sexual appeal.” “Is that your specialty?” I asked, completely serious. Lad laughed. “Thank you for the compliment, but no. My

I looked across the wide crystalline river toward the dark opening in the wall from where it flowed. “What treasure?” “The water. It feeds us, heals us, gives us strength, energy, and health.” He kneeled and scooped some from the river’s edge, cupping it in his hands for me to taste. I obliged him, taking a sip as he tipped some into my mouth. It tasted cool and pure, but not like the sweet, simmering otherworldly drink I’d come to know as saol water. “It tastes different.” “I said this is the

used to.” “I’ll try.” He smiled a little too big. My mom walked into the living room from her bedroom where she’d changed out of her work clothes into some jeans and a t-shirt. She stopped. “Oh, Ryann honey, you startled me.” She looked curiously at Lad, and then down at our clasped hands. Her eyes widened. “And I see you’ve brought home some company…” I dropped Lad’s hand and went to stand beside her. “Yes. Mom, I want you to meet someone. This is Lad. He’s a close friend of mine. Actually,

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