HowlSage (Sages of Darkness)

HowlSage (Sages of Darkness)

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 076844005X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

I saw things, things of pure evil.

The HowlSage s brown moist nostrils flared as it caught my sent and smelled for fear something it wouldn t find.

HowlSage, the first book in the Sages of Darkness series, is a fast-paced, exciting, and suspenseful action story about Taylor, a 14-year-old who is part of a secret society whose mission is to destroy the evil sages that walk the earth. As Taylor doggedly vows to solve the mystery of his missing father, does a pretty schoolmate s distraction cause dangerous consequences?

A coffin discovered in Egypt, a jewel heist, and holes that swallow people into the darkness form the crux of the adventures that keeps hearts pounding. Taylor, with the help of his cousin, Jesse, and younger friend Ike, a budding scientist, race against the calendar and the wickedness that faces the world during the full moon on October 31. Will the sage hunters defeat them in time?

Join the boys on their quest as they tackle the world of the unknown with bravery armed with the Cross of Jesus and the Sword of the Bible.

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and I involuntarily licked my lips. For the Oreos of course. “So—well—you see, I’ve got this friend. Well, acquaintance.” I felt a small sting in my heart as I said that, like I was betraying my best friend, which I suppose I was. “And he invents things.” “Yeah?” she said. “Well, this morning he brought this canister thing into my room.” I stopped. Wait, I couldn’t tell her about this. First off, she’d never understand. Second, I wasn’t supposed to share this sort of stuff with anyone from the

entry points, they were a representation to us as humans that the Angels were always ready to join in the battle with us. To my surprise, I found McGarrett on the seventh floor kneeling in the garden. He was praying aloud and I’d caught him mid-prayer. “Lord, please let Taylor see. Let him remember that You are in control and that You care about him. Open his eyes as I cannot. Amen.” I felt guilty. Mr. Riley had been praying for me. Me, the one who let him down in the hunt so far. I slowly

sound of stone grinding across stone resounded in the hearth. What had appeared to be a brick wall started to move backward. The monk ducked into the fireplace and stepped through the new doorway. He wiped cobwebs away from an area of the old brick and then pressed a small black button. I heard the buzz of electricity zipping through old wiring. Several dusty light bulbs illuminated in sconces that lined the passage ahead. The monk started down a long spiral staircase of cold gray stone. I

end. Chapter Twenty-Six October 31st—Halloween —Tuesday (Full Moon) The back of the monk was to me as I stepped into the water chamber. His hood was over his head and I could hear him singing. I knew the song—an old hymn we’d sung in church called “How Great Thou Art.” I stood beside him while he sang. He didn’t greet me until he’d finished each verse and refrain. Listening to him soothed my nerves. I felt goose bumps on my arms, but it came from the energy of excitement, not fear or cold.

even go head-to-head with the gray mist. “Turn right,” the monk said. The bow of the boat was breached by a strong surge of water. We were headed into the current again; the lantern light seemed to dim and then extinguish. I was fighting the current with every stroke of my arms. My muscles burned, but worse than before. The monk said nothing, and I could no longer see his face. I suddenly felt the boat begin to slip backward. I had to row harder. “Lord, give me the strength!” I cried. I dug

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