Hunted (Spirit Animals, Book 2)

Hunted (Spirit Animals, Book 2)

Maggie Stiefvater

Language: English

Pages: 103


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The adventure continues in this second book in the New York Times bestselling series.

In the world of Erdas, only a rare few are able to summon a spirit animal in the way Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan have. The bond they share with their animals is a partnership that allows them to access more-than-human abilities.

But what if there was another way to create a spirit animal—to force the bond, giving the human partner total control? And what if someone with selfish intensions was offered this gift... with a catch?

The four young heroes have barely had time to come together as a team, and their own spirit animal bonds are still greatly untested. But now they face a brutal confrontation against an enemy who will break any rule to defeat them.

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stood on the other side. She said, “I am deaf.” Rollan and Conor exchanged a look behind Tarik’s head. “Tarit,” croaked the old woman. She had a voice like wood shavings. A faded green cloak hung on a peg just beside the door, but it looked as if it hadn’t been moved for quite a while. “It’s been a long time.” “Tarik,” corrected Tarik. “That’s what I said,” she replied. “There seems to be less of you than last time I saw you.” “A snake and a weasel ate the rest,” Rollan said. “A Euran adder,

Conor’s detainment, and they struggled to fight their way back to him. Nearby, Abeke and Uraza fought with two of the mastiffs. Overhead, a seagull, someone’s spirit animal, circled and screamed. Madness, Conor thought again. Their odds were technically better than in that forest battle, but in this chaos, the Greencloaks were doomed. “How can I help?” he asked desperately. “Did you get my letter? You’ve made us all so proud, Conor! You called Briggan, and surely there was a reason. Briggan

ripped loose the knotted rope around his waist and began to slip down the slope toward the wall. He only made it a few feet before Essix cried out and flapped off ahead of him. Finn laughed — a rare sound from him. “Well, you two contrary animals are well matched, aren’t you?” “Oh, you know,” Rollan said. “We like to keep the relationship fresh.” “It seems pretty fresh all right,” Meilin murmured. With a wrinkle of his nose, Rollan replied, “I’m going to choose to be the better man here and

“For how long?” Meilin asked. “How will we know if we’ve won?” “There is no win or lose here, Meilin,” Tarik replied. “We don’t have time for games. What I want is for you to show me that you can neutralize an opponent so I feel more comfortable putting you in a real-life dangerous situation. Now. Are we ready? Three, two?” Putting his fingers to his lips, he let out a sharp, piercing whistle. The training battle began. Right away, Abeke knew that her broomstick would be no match for Errol’s

Her eyes were sympathetic. “Help me.” This time, when Meilin closed her eyes, searching for answers, the orbs around her were like droplets of water, brilliant, fragile, trembling. They spilled from her eyes and down her cheeks. Here were her choices: Stay. Go. One was both wise and logical. Stay. Fight alongside the Greencloaks: Build an army to fight this new threat. Go. Be an army of one: Find her father before it was too late. It was neither wise nor logical. Jhi’s intuition recommended

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