Lost and Found: A Novel (The Taken Trilogy)

Lost and Found: A Novel (The Taken Trilogy)

Alan Dean Foster

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 0345461274

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Ever since his classic debut, The Tar-Aiym Krang, the first of the wildly successful Pip and Flinx adventures, New York Times bestselling author Alan Dean Foster has captivated readers around the world. Now this writer of bold imagination and stunning originality has created an electrifying space epic set in a universe at once strangely familiar and starkly terrifying. Familiar because the universe is ours; terrifying because the human condition might soon be. . . .

Not so long ago Marcus Walker was just another young commodities trader in Chicago, working hard and playing harder. But that’s all in the past, part of a life half forgotten—a reality that vanished when he was attacked while camping and tossed aboard a starship bound for deep space.

Desperately, Walker searches for explanations, only to realize he’s trapped in a horrifying nightmare that is all too real. Instead of being a rich hotshot at the top of the food chain, Walker discovers he’s just another amusing novelty, part of a cargo of “cute” aliens from primitive planets—destined to be sold as pets to highly advanced populations in “civilized” regions of the galaxy.

Even if he weren’t constantly watched by his captors, Walker has few options. After all, there is no escape from a speeding starship. Another man might resign himself to the inevitable and hope to be sold to a kindly owner, but not Walker. This former college football star has plenty of American ingenuity and no intention of admitting defeat, now or ever. In fact, he’s only just begun to fight.

The adventure will continue with two more novels

From the Hardcover edition.

Adventure Cyclist (May 2016)

Escape From Lucien (Amulet Series, Book 6)

Sunrise Alley (Charon, Book 1)

The Book of Merlyn: The Unpublished Conclusion to The Once and Future King











you suddenly rated a better spread, anyway?” Actually, Walker realized, he’d been so busy sampling the new comestibles that he hadn’t thought about it. He said as much. “It’s because you’re cooperating. You haven’t done anything stupid, like try to kill yourself. And you’ve interacted constructively with me. And vice versa. I got better food, too.” “I did try to break out and jump one of the Vilenjji,” he argued, even as he drained the last of the ginger drink from its container. “That’s not

been coaxed from reluctant Sierra granite by the judicious application of hard-rock drilling, well-mannered explosives, and much road-crew cursing. The bumps and ruts of the road were hell on Walker’s Durango four-wheel drive, but that didn’t worry the commodities trader. It wasn’t his SUV; it was Hertz’s. Slamming up and down the steep grade to and from Bug Jump, the 4X4 accumulated scrapes and dings the way Marcus’s forehead collected sunburn. All in all, he reflected with satisfaction as he

a shrug of his shoulders would be to him. “Poor biped. You really are ignorant, aren’t you?” Fine. I’m stupid, he thought. Dumb monkey-boy, that’s me. But at least I’m not an addict. Go ahead and explain it all; I’m listening. Though he knew George would be frantic by now, the dog would simply have to wait. Settling herself, her flexible limbs splayed around her lower body like the petals of some great red flower, she proceeded to enlighten him. “First I need a reference point, somewhere to

Vilenjji.” He leaned forward eagerly. “Are they always watching? Always listening?” He gestured at their immediate surroundings. “What about when vision is obscured, as it is now by the mist and fog that dominates your enclosure’s restricted atmosphere?” Sque emitted the equivalent of a sigh. “Poor biped. Your consuming ignorance almost draws forth my pity. Do you know nothing of physics? Like any species, the Vilenjji suffer from a range of characteristic physical limitations. Also like any

It went down even better when drizzled atop something that had the taste and consistency of a venison muffin. As it had in the course of so many difficult days past, his battered but still reliable watch kept him apprised of the passage of time. Sated with food and drink, they waited amid their sterile surroundings for the next reaction from their hosts. It came within hours, as Tzharoustatam returned. Once again he was accompanied by two others of his kind. Only this time, both were armed.

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