Luna the Moon Wolf (Beast Quest, Book 22)

Luna the Moon Wolf (Beast Quest, Book 22)

Adam Blade, Brandon Robshaw

Language: English

Pages: 26

ISBN: 2:00310827

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

At night, when the Dark Forest comes alive, Luna, the Moon Wolf's spell gets stronger and the wild animals become more vicious. Tom will have to defeat Luna's powerful magic in order to retrieve the next shard.

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bearings,” said Tom. They had been walking all morning and needed to rest anyway. He took his flask from Storm’s saddlebag and gave it to Elenna. She took a swig; then Tom took a long drink. He poured some of the water into a hollowed-out rock for Silver and Storm, who lapped it up gratefully. Tom held out both his hands. “Map!” he called in a loud, commanding voice. A shimmering silver square appeared in the air in front of Tom. As he watched, lines began to form on its glimmering surface. Tom

covered in dust but smiling. “Thanks!” said Elenna, straightening her quiver. “No problem,” said Tom. Elenna whistled up to Silver. The sound carried clearly in the thin air. Alert as always, Silver understood what to do. Tom saw him pad to where the rope was tied. A few moments later the rope came snaking down to Tom and Elenna. “I trained him to gnaw through knots one time,” Elenna explained. “I never thought I’d need to use that trick again.” She re-coiled the rope and placed it in the

touched Elenna’s arm and she stopped. Storm drew to a halt behind them. “What is it?” mouthed Elenna silently. Tom lifted his finger to his lips. They stood still, waiting. The noise came again. A high-pitched yelp. And another. And another. Elenna nudged Tom and pointed. There, half-hidden beneath the gnarled roots of a tree, was a bundle of fur. Tom saw damp snouts poking out, pointed ears, and several tiny pairs of gleaming red eyes. It was a nest of wolf cubs. Their scent was carried to

toward the pit. Without the magic powers of the golden boots, which had helped him jump huge distances, he had to rely on his own ability to reach the other side of the hole. Tom heard Luna howl triumphantly as she followed him. He fell, rolled, and turned…. Luna landed on the branches above the pit. They cracked beneath her weight. Her huge jaws opened in shock and rage. An anguished, furious howl burst forth as she crashed down, paws scrabbling helplessly, leaves and broken sticks flying up

howled in pain. Tom knew he had to grab his chance. He ran forward, unsheathing his sword, and slashed the blade across the Beast’s red eyes. She let out a final defiant hiss and sank to the ground. Tom and Elenna watched as the Beast’s magic faded and she turned pale and transparent for the last time — for good. “We did it!” said Tom. They stood there, breathing hard, tired but triumphant. Storm came trotting over and Elenna ran to release Silver, who leaped around her as the two of them

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