Modern Text Book of Zoology Vertebrates

Modern Text Book of Zoology Vertebrates

R. L. Kotpal

Language: English

Pages: 883

ISBN: 8171338917

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The book has been written to cater for the long lasting needs of Indian students as it is almost impossible for them to chose any single textbook on vertebrates. It is intended primarily as a textbook for the Honours and the Undergraduate students of the Indian Universities. However, the students of higher classes, the candidates preparing for various competetive examinations, and the subject teachers may also find it useful as a handy guide for reference. The book follows essentially the pattern set earlier by my textbook on the Invertebrates. Thus, important Indian animal types have been described first, followed by chapters on characters, classification, other types and general topics of different classes of Vertebrates. Introduction to the Chordates and chapters on Protochordates, Osteology, Embryology and Histology of Vertebrate types have been arranged in separate SECTIONS to achieve better understanding and to avoid unnecessary repetitions. Topics have been selected with great care and treated in a simple and lucid style. Characters and classifications have been simplified and controversies avoided to benefit our young readers. Illustrations have been specially designed with great dexterity, accurately, and in conformity with their textual descriptions. It has been my best endeavour to furnish maximum information, sufficient for the students, in simple language, obtained after sifting and filtering through several foreign textbooks as well as periodicals and journals.

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show between Chordates :md higher ,lIltPN"H',"' Chordata » An Introduction Type QUllstions L 2. and Gnulhostomala, Protochordata and Tetrapoda. Write short notes Hemichordatn, slits, Phnryngenl ChQice Questiolls Which of this (a) A dorsal longitudinal <",,,,f),rti tHY A series of phnryngeal (d) Diploblastic 5. doubtful chordates The endoskeleton structure the muddy present in all chordates? in larva and following and only COll!allllflg Amnllwyl1.< a bac,kbo:ne (b)

Table PQSition of Table 6. Characters 1. Main excretory organ Structure 3. Solenocytes Hemichordata Urochordata Cepllaiocllordata (Baianoglossus) (Herdmania) (Br/lnchiostoma) Excretory organ is the neural gland mid-dorsally mantle above the nerve ganglion. Glomerulus consists of gland consists of peripberal and prujectiolls lined by peritoneum central tubules leading inlo opening anteriorly by a large ciliated coutaining funnel at the base of dorsal tubercle.

buccal shallow attaches to stone tail around her In :;1, 6. 9. 19. 12. unicellular stage. which can differences have been enumerated in the Table Order 1. stone + myzon, with Members this order are called eels or sand Mouth within a suctorial teeth. funnel beset with many Table 1. Difference between Lampreys Characters (Petromyzoll ) Terminal Degenerate, covered by thick roof Thin walled, not supported Single ofright hemihranchs of Kidneys 31. 320 330 340 35 Primitive

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