Mossflower (Redwall, Book 2)

Mossflower (Redwall, Book 2)

Brian Jacques, Gary Chalk

Language: English

Pages: 432

ISBN: 0142302384

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The thrilling prequel to "Redwall". The clever and greedy wildcat Tsarmina becomes ruler of all Mossflower Woods and is determined to govern the peaceful woodlanders with an iron paw. The brave mouse Martin and quick-talking mouse thief Gonff meet in the depths of Kotir Castle's dungeon. The two escape and resolve to end Tsarmina's tyrannical rule. Joined by Kinny the mole, Martin and Gonff set off on a dangerous quest for Salamandastron, where they are convinced that their only hope, Boar the Fighter, still lives.

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he admired the colour and weight of the velvet. He swept it up, draping it around his shoulders. Tsarmina fastened the clasp at his neck. ‘There! How handsome you look. More like the Ruler of Kotir than I do.’ Bane’s paw stroked the feather edged velvet. ‘Thank you, Queen Tsarmina. This is a splendid cloak. Hoho, wait’ll my gang see their leader decked out in his finery. Come on, let’s take a look at that gate.’ There were many admiring and envious glances from Bane’s mercenaries as he

ahead of Tsarmina. She’ll come back at you with something else, if I know anything of warfare. That cat is as cunning as any sea rat, you’ll see,’ Log-a-Log warned. Martin pointed to Chibb descending from the blue. ‘Here comes my spy now.’ ‘Er, ahem, I overheard the cat giving orders.’ ‘What was she saying?’ ‘Well, harrumph, ahem. Most of it wasn’t fit for the ears of any decent creature, but she’s left a token force on the roof and is taking the rest downstairs.’ Martin unsheathed his

missed him now. I could have sworn it was the same bird I’ve noticed hanging about outside the barracks a few times. Always ends up somewhere near the ground, hidden.’ Cludd was reluctant to believe that Scratch was more alert than he. ‘Hmm, it might be summat or nothing. Woodlanders don’t usually have much to do with birds. Still, we’d best be on the safe side. Hoi, Thicktail, make your way back to Kotir and tell Milady about that robin. Don’t breathe a word to anyone else, though. I don’t

possible. Don’t make a sound; your lives depend upon it.’ To the casual observer, it looked as if there were only two creatures walking along the passage, Gingivere and Captain Patchcoat. Ferdy and Coggs were completely hidden beneath the long Captain’s cloak. They negotiated the cell area successfully. Twice they passed guards who, knowing Captain Patchcoat’s reputation, saluted smartly, keeping their eyes to the front. Mask nodded curtly to them. The escapers carried on up two flights of

said, noticing their surprise. ‘You may bathe there later. You will observe that it is never cold here, again thanks to the forge. But please be seated. Here comes the food.’ The hares brought in new bread, fresh salad, baked fish, mint water and a selection of last autumn’s fruits crystallized in honey. After the frugal seashore meals, the four travellers ate like a regiment many times their number. Boar watched them with something approaching amusement on his gigantic face. Gonff gave him a

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