My Life For Her

My Life For Her

Robert J. Saniscalchi

Language: English

Pages: 82

ISBN: 1467924539

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

My Life, For Her in expanded edition, is a new version of the original, critically acclaimed story. This is a story about a Vietnam Veteran who becomes a hometown cop, and a cop who becomes a hero as he finds himself in the struggle of his life. Follow Rob and Tex as they take you on a journey from hometown America to the jungles of Columbia. This book is not only an adventurous thriller, it is an action-packed thrilling story about family, undying faith, and humanity. Life is unpredictable! How far would you go if need be? Could you venture into the darkness of this world, not knowing? Find the answers for yourself in this spell-binding story.

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the end of his blade. “I must have passed right by it myself. Lucky for us, I just happened to look back at the right time. This one is poisonous. Today is our lucky day.” “Thank God for Texan's with big knives,” Rob replied with a smile. Tex wanted to laugh, but he held it in. They finally stopped looking when they were sure they had seen enough, and crawled their way back to the lookout. Tex took out his knife and scratched a layout in the dirt as he spoke, “This is how it will go down Doc.

Within twenty-four hours of receiving the transponder signal, a US Army C-140 Transport lifted off and a Navy Carrier Force moved into position two hundred-fifty miles off the North Colombian coast. At the Airbase, General Jaskins and his team watched the big plane as it banked out on the horizon and headed to the southeast. Silently, Jaskins prayed for their success. He felt everyone had done their job as thoroughly as possible. The wheels of action were set in motion. It was, as always, up to

asked with a worried look in her eyes, “We are supposed to land on that thing?” Tex smiled at his friends, “No problem, just close your eyes. These guys do this stuff all the time.” Rob tried to assure her it was okay, even though he wasn't crazy about the idea either. His stomach was in knots as the chopper began to descend toward the rocking Carrier deck. Admiral Sinclair watched with pride as his flight crew guided the choppers onto the deck. Once the choppers settled on board, Sinclair and

to go home and try to forget this nightmare ever happened.” Tex added, “Well Sir, We were doing okay, but after our chopper was blown, I had my doubts about making it home. I also want to thank everyone. That was one hell of a mission! I don't think the Cartel is going to be bothering anyone for a long time. As for my friends and I, we just want to get back to our lives. Sir, we are not interested in headlines or money. That was not what this was about.” Jaskins smiled, “That's no problem. I

the game if she could help it. We will find her. I have everyone out searching tonight. Let's keep our cool and think clearly. Maybe she had an accident, I am sure one of our patrols will pick her up any minute.” They walked around checking for her car. It wasn't long before they found it. Rob opened the door with his set of keys. The engine started with no problem. Why was it still in the parking lot, it didn't make sense. The panic grew inside him. His hands were trembling as they checked

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