Necessary Retribution: A Robin Marlette Novel (Robin Marlette Novels) (Volume 2)

Necessary Retribution: A Robin Marlette Novel (Robin Marlette Novels) (Volume 2)

Mike McNeff

Language: English

Pages: 316

ISBN: 1944215042

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"We don't need you guys for the easy missions." These words propel Robin Marlette and his team of former cops into the world of covert operations and counter-terrorism. After two years of intense training by the best special forces teams in the US military, the CIA and international terror plots propel the team into dangerous and complex missions that threaten the world's balance of power and tests the team to the ragged edge of their abilities. The team captures international criminals, rescue hostages, and stop terror attacks, with the help of some very unlikely partners in this non-stop thrill ride.

The Isle of Blood (The Monstrumologist, Book 3)

Storm Force (24 Declassified, Book 7)

Eternal Journey (Rogue Angel, Book 17)


The Sacrosancts

The Sorcerer in the North (Ranger's Apprentice, Book 5)

















hostages in Mindanao?” “Yes.” “That was us.” “But the news said the Filipino Army rescued them.” “We rescued them and made it look they did.” “Why did you do that?” “Because the CIA said to.” Robin leaned forward. “Tim, I know how much you loved being a trooper. I also know you have the education and ability to help me out. You can certainly find a position, where you can put your education and ability to work, even with your disability. But you won't find a position where you are directly

the strategic intelligence for the region indicates a widespread famine has engulfed North Korea. Thousands are dying of starvation and there are indications of civil unrest in the country. The international community offered food aid to North Korea, but those idiots rejected it. Something like food could be more powerful than a gun.” “That's not a bad idea, Mark,” Ernie replied. “I'll go get this plan finished.” Robin stood up, “Okay, let's get back to work.” He went over to the secure phone

you?” “I'm careful in my own way.” Emmett saluted David and walked out of the cabin. David began maneuvering the boat to bring it behind the tango ship, but keeping a decent distance between them. Gradually, he completed the turn and started pacing the ship. Cái came into the cabin. “We're ready to launch, General.” “Good. The ship is doing ten knots, Cái. At that speed and this sea, there shouldn't be any trouble catching and boarding her.” “Yes, sir.” David smiled. “I wish I could board

very well, but I need to practice my own Russian much more.” “Well, this is no time for practice, so we'll speak English. Yosef told me of you a few days ago and of how you returned the nuclear bomb stolen from us. I would like to thank you for doing so.” “You're welcome, sir.” “I hope your friend found our medical facilities sufficient.” “We both found them to be excellent.” “Good, but now we have the problem of you, your friend and some Russian citizens, who apparently fear their own

are you talking about?” “Tell them not to kill Marlette!” Ernie was furious and screamed into the phone to the Director of the CIA. “If you sons of bitches have killed Robin, we will bring you down! All I have to do is push a button and everything we know and have done will go to every major newspaper and media outlet in the world!” “I'm trying to stop it, I'm trying!” “Trying isn't good enough!” Alex glared at the captain, Dimitry Anglov. “Shoot down the helicopters!” “I am not going to

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