Poseidon's Arrow (Dirk Pitt Adventure)

Poseidon's Arrow (Dirk Pitt Adventure)

Clive Cussler, Dirk Cussler

Language: English

Pages: 560

ISBN: 0425265056

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

It is the greatest advance in American defense technology in decades—an attack submarine capable of incredible underwater speeds. There is only one problem: A key element of the prototype is missing—and the man who developed it is dead.

At the same time, ships have started vanishing mid-ocean, usually never to be found again, but when they are, sometimes bodies are found aboard…burned to a crisp. What is going on? And what does it have to do with an Italian submarine that vanished in 1943? Or did it?

It is up to NUMA director Dirk Pitt and his team, aided by a beautiful NCIS agent and by Pitt’s children, Dirk, Jr., and Summer, to go on a desperate international chase to find the truth. But what they discover is a much, much greater threat than even they imagined…

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HONORED ZHOU’S REQUEST AND HEADED west through the jungle. He thought about circling back and trying to locate the boat that Zhou had most certainly arrived in but ultimately figured it would be well concealed. As he pushed through the brush, Pitt wondered who the man was and why he’d been sent to destroy Bolcke’s operations. Not that Pitt didn’t harbor similar feelings, but he presumed the motive had more to do with the trade in rare earth elements than for humanitarian reasons. Soon after

Authority.” Pitt was kneeling on the deck nearby, checking an assortment of dive equipment. “Actually, it looks to be our man from Washington.” The speedboat pulled alongside, and Rudi Gunn hopped aboard the barge. With a travel bag hanging over his shoulder, he wore khaki pants and an oxford shirt and was drenched in sweat. “Greetings, canal wreckers,” he said. He embraced his old friends. “Nobody told me this place would be more miserable than Washington in August.” “It’s not

waterline, so Pitt had no trouble controlling the boat as it bulled its way past twenty knots, quickly gaining on the freighter. “Can we alert the cruise ship?” Loren yelled to be heard over the straining engine. Pitt shook his head. “We have no radio. And the ship is anchored. There’s no way they can move in time.” “At least we could warn the passengers.” Pitt simply nodded. That would be a tall order in the scant time available. As they drew near the freighter’s stern,

instead they targeted a large pen storing chemical agents alongside one wall. In less than a minute Pablo attached a second timed charge to a pallet of drums labeled SULFURIC ACID, then escaped into the darkness. They made their way to a second extraction building a hundred yards away, taking their time as the timers counted down. At the rear of the building, Pablo found the valve for a main water line. Monitoring his watch until just before the detonations, he twisted the valve, shutting

vessel.” Gomez noted Pitt’s determined tone and nodded. “As you wish. But no armed men will be permitted on the bridge.” Gomez stood up from the table. “I must return to my duties. Welcome to the ship. I’m confident you will enjoy a quiet and routine voyage.” After Gomez left, Giordino looked at Pitt and Plugrad and shook his head. “Well, how do you like them apples? No rare earth, and a cranky punk for a captain to entertain us the rest of the way.” “Not much we can do about it

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