Ramage's Diamond (The Lord Ramage Novels) (Volume 7)

Ramage's Diamond (The Lord Ramage Novels) (Volume 7)

Dudley Pope

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 0935526897

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The youngest captain in His Majesty's Navy, with a reputation for landing impossible assignments, Lord Ramage is dispatched to the Caribbean islands of Martinique and Diamond Rock. The mission seems humdrum: barricade the French within Fort Royal. But sent to sea in the Juno with a crew grown restless and undisciplined under the prior commmand of a drunk, Ramage realizes his vssel may not be up to battle with the French.

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for several more months, a copy of the signal book (there must have been two on board, because presumably one had been on deck) as well as the Captain’s orders and letter book. Ramage sat at the desk with the box between his feet. Thurot was now verging on collapse. Obviously badly shaken when the shot blasted a hole in the deck, he now realized that he had failed to throw the weighted box containing the ship’s secret papers over the side. In the Royal Navy that was, next to cowardice, one of

brow wrinkled. “The 53rd Regiment, sir.” “Who commanded La Mutine?” “The First Lieutenant of La Désirée. He was killed, sir.” Ramage nodded. “Is the Surcouf ready for sea?” “Not yet, sir, but they are working hard.” “And La Désirée?” “Accidente!” Zolesi exclaimed. “They are short of everything: yards, rope, canvas, wood for repairs, blocks, hammocks—everything!” “Yet the French expect to commission her?” “Oh yes, once the convoy arrives.” “But that has been delayed,” Ramage said, deciding

Admiral’s secretary.” “Aye, aye, sir,” Baker said. “I’ll be under way in a few minutes: we’ve already shortened in the cable.” “My written orders tell you to return here immediately after you have delivered the despatch,” Ramage said. “It might occur to the Admiral, if he thinks about it, to keep you and La Mutine with him in Bridgetown. You might find it possible to …” “I’ll stay on board the flagship for as little time as possible, sir,” Baker said with an understanding grin. “What about

unusual shape. The big lignum vitae sheave fitted into a thick wooden shell, one side of which was longer than the other, and open at one end. Called a voyol block, it was a spare one and rarely used. Now it would ride up the jackstay with a gun slung underneath it. Like many things in a ship that are seldom used, the block had been stowed without being washed in fresh water, and the salt had made the sheave and pin seize up. Now the carpenter was driving out the pin with his maul. It would be

for the boy to get down to the ship’s deck, and Ramage was relieved to see that he was in fact lashed into the strop. Eager seamen undid the lashing and as they waited for him to jump down the last couple of feet to the deck the boy lurched and pitched forward. As the men hurried to pick him up, Ramage saw from the quarterdeck that the boy’s body was held rigid, his buttock and thigh muscles cramped by sitting on the thin rope of the strop. Bowen ran forward and began massaging the muscles of

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