Rescued: Saving Animals from Disaster

Rescued: Saving Animals from Disaster

Allen Anderson, Linda Anderson

Language: English

Pages: 272

ISBN: 1577315448

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

New York Times Bestselling authors Allen and Linda Anderson interviewed hundreds of volunteers, hurricane survivors, animal welfare organizations, and government officials for their national award-winning book Rescued: Saving Animals from Disaster. The result is an uplifting, inspiring, informative book that features the best humanity has to offer when people and animals need our help during a crisis. American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA) awarded Rescued with its prestigious Outstanding Book Award.
The catalyst for Rescued was the tragic situation during and after the Hurricane Katrina disaster -- thousands refusing to leave without their pets, and animals being viewed by official policies as "disposable" creatures. Using a pulse-pounding dramatic structure and heart-opening photos, the book presents the before, during, and after journeys of people separated from their animals and finding each other again. 
Allen and Linda wanted to make sure the largest animal rescue in history, with its important lessons about saving animals, would never be forgotten. With the benefit of their extensive training in animal rescue, they offer hope and practical suggestions, as well as important ways animal lovers can help in future catastrophes. The level of information is so high that college classes and veterinary schools use the book as a resource.

goes beyond tragedies to talk about animal rescue and sanctuary operations around the country, what volunteers and staff do, and how readers can help orphaned animals. The book puts attention on an unheralded world of animal shelters, organizations, and brave individuals who made a difference.

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table and address legitimate business and economic interests and humane concerns. We are educating lawyers, judges, and the legal world by sharing the expertise of animal law practitioners to address problems of our clients. Our committee is both practical and visionary.” Shortly after Hurricane Katrina hit, the ABA TIPS Animal Law Committee spawned the TIPS Animal Disaster Relief Network (Network) to maintain a national forum for identifying short- and long-term disaster relief needs and to

preparedness and evacuation mandatory. Legislators and politicians are taking note of their constituents’ love for animals. Someday soon they will figure out that six out of ten households in their districts include voters who want disaster protection and consideration for their family pets and would welcome laws that stop abuse and cruelty. Lesson #2: Individuals have to take primary responsibility for their pets. No one can be relied upon to do it for them. It takes every resource that

appreciation for the value of human-animal families. To illustrate how genuinely important your fellow Americans view animal rescue, consider the response when people found out we were writing this book. In our efforts to learn how animal rescue is transforming America, we conducted hundreds of interviews with individuals and animal organizations’ staff and volunteers. When we put out the call asking for interviews, we received more than a thousand responses. Animal Rescue Is a Love Story

broken heart.” Belinda was touched by Sweetie’s obvious devotion to someone she suspected was missing this dog as much as the dog was missing her owner. She called her seventy-seven-year-old mother, Ellen DeSoto, who used to raise and show German shepherds, and asked if Ellen would care for Sweetie until Belinda could find the dog’s owner. Her mother agreed to help. Belinda used the information from Sweetie’s rabies tag, went on the Internet, and began trying to trace the address and phone

whatever form was necessary to release the HSUS from responsibility for him. Major Pagano told us that he ended the frustrating conversation with the HSUS representative by saying, “You have to be more flexible. You have addresses for over 3,000 homes in one area of New Orleans alone [from people who asked to have their pets rescued]. Give me a fast course, train me on the spot, and credential me, because I’m coming in.” Stymied by the inability to volunteer for the tasks he felt most suited,

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