Second Chances: More Tales of Found Dogs

Second Chances: More Tales of Found Dogs

Elise Lufkin, Diana Walker

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 1592287476

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Millions of dogs and puppies are abandoned each year, resulting in a world filled with stray dogs of all breeds and sizes. Many of these strays come to a bad end, but every now and then a
stray dog is found by a compassionate person--whether picked up on the street or picked out from an animal shelter--and given a second chance. Some of these dogs are lame, blind, ill, or simply unwanted. These dogs are special. And so are the people who have chosen to give them a second chance. Found dogs seem to be especially grateful, loyal, and loving. They, who have sometimes been rescued from death’s door, become beloved members of families, giving affection, companionship, and solace. They become productive members of society as service dogs, therapy dogs, and search-and-rescue dogs themselves. Observers might
say that these dogs are lucky, but more often the people who have adopted them think that they are the lucky ones.
Second Chances is full of wonderful photos and words by people who have given dogs a second chance. Celebrities from Mikhail Baryshnikov to Oscar de la Renta and everyday heroes who have found dogs of all sorts--from sleek greyhounds
to scruffy mutts--share their tales of discovery and canine-human friendship.
Second Chances is a tribute to these extraordinary dogs and their people. It
is a testimony to the gift of love and salvation. And, in each case, it is difficult to say just who has saved whom.

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Chances Final Pages5.0 4/26/13 2:05 PM Page 60 KIPPER and FRIENDS —— Robin Faber, Store owner —— park ranger rescued Kipper from some kids who were trying to drown him in a swimming pool. As you might imagine the dog had major issues. For a long time I couldn’t touch him—no one could—and if anyone approached, the scared little thing would retreat to a corner and put his paw up in front of his face. Lily was in the worst shape of any of my dogs. I found her in East Los Angeles. She was

decided that it was okay to share me with him. Rocky and I have an unbelievable bond, and Minnie and I are getting there. R Minnie had been brought to the shelter originally by a drunk. She still cowers if you raise your voice, even if it has nothing to do with her. The shop has been very good for Minnie, and the dogs have been very good for the shop. It’s a great place for socializing them, not that Rocky needs any socializing— he’s crazy about other dogs and women. Both of them work hard

didn’t want to sleep—he wanted to work—but once back home he slept twenty hours or more every day for a month. I began to think about my dog and the stress he appears to manage so easily. It seemed as if just a little of his spark was gone. I had asked so much of him in New York, but I don’t ever want to push him. I think he’s done enough. There are many good teams in HOPE so Hoss is retiring now. We still work with the autistic children, and that’s plenty challenging. Even though I watch the

wellbeing; I hope I do the same for him. – 113 – Second Chances Final PagesNEW_Second Chances Final Pages5.0 4/26/13 2:05 PM Page 114 GEORGIA LOUISE —— Kari Isaksen, Paper store manager and buyer —— or years I had begged my parents for a dog, but they always said, “Wait until you have your own place.” When I finished school I was still living at home and still longing for a dog. One day a friend suggested going to some dog pounds just to look. I said, “We can’t do that,” but after a little

2:05 PM Page 174 – 173 – Second Chances Final PagesNEW_Second Chances Final Pages5.0 4/26/13 2:05 PM Page 176 ADOPTING A DOG DO YOU REALLY WANT A DOG? These are a few questions to consider: 1. What exactly are you looking for in a dog? Are you looking for companionship; a partner for long walks, for strenuous hikes in the mountains, or sitting together on the sofa; company in the office; or all of the above; or none of the above? Would you like a dog to work with, perhaps in Animal Assisted

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