Sword Art Online 12: Alicization Rising

Sword Art Online 12: Alicization Rising

Reki Kawahara

Language: English

Pages: 423

ISBN: 9863257850

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Cardinal continues the story of Quinella after she found the system command list and became the Administrator. After explaining how the Integrity Knights and Cardinal herself came to be, Cardinal warns Kirito that the creatures of the Dark Territory are on the verge of invading the Human Empire and slaughtering all of its residents. Cardinal makes a deal with Kirito to help her defeat Quinella and then teaches Kirito and Eugeo how to use the «Armament Full Control» art. The two youngsters are then taken to the backdoor closest to the Cathedral's equipment vault and they begin their quest to recover their weapons and reach the top of the Cathedral.

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pricked with a dagger like this would just be like getting stung by a large marsh horsefly.” http://taptaptaptaptap.wordpress.com/category/sword-art-online/ Sword Art Online Volume 12 - Alicization Rising “…That bug doesn’t sting humans, though.” { PAGE \* MERG EFOR MAT } Perhaps his mood recovered, but Eugeo corrected my thoughtless words like when we were in the academy, then turned back to Cardinal. “Understood. If I am unable to persuade Alice, allow me to make use of this then.”

swordsmanship, polished by the swordsmen of ancient times, degenerated into a mere performance. As you ought to know. Forty years, fifty years later, Administrator felt a deep satisfaction looking down upon the daily life of the Human World, inert, as though it was soaked in a tepid, warm bath…” In short, it was like gazing at and relishing an aquarium after putting the finishing touches to its perfect ecosystem. Complicated emotions assailed me upon recalling how I stared at an ant observation

break through the barrier originating from its clashing elemental attribute. “——!?” Eugeo’s eyes flashed wide open in that moment. It appeared like the blazing spear beyond the semi-transparent ice wall changed its form for an instant. The form, with a beak wide open and wings spread out, was practically the same as a bird of prey… But without giving Eugeo even the chance to blink, countless cracks surfaced on the final shield and it smashed into pieces. A heatwave that denied him from even

already ended. The Blue Rose Sword stopped atop his shoulder just as the knight harshly kicked off the ground. The landing of the grand staircase was wide, and he probably had the plan of firing yet another blazing spear while Eugeo was petrified if he succeeded in retreating to the wall’s edge. There would have been no way for Eugeo to defend if he permitted that. The final method to break through the forced rigidness. That was to link a new secret move to a secret move. By performing the

example…” Cardinal moved her right hand that held the tea cup above the table. But for some reason, she was not lowering the cup onto the saucer, but onto the right side, an empty space—immediately before its bottom touched the table cloth, her arm came to a precise stop. “I am unable to lower this cup any further.” “Hah?” Cardinal explained as she scowled at my dumbfounded response. “The reason is because when I was young, my mother—of course, that would be Quinella’s—brought me up with the

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