Swordsman's Legacy (Rogue Angel, Book 15)

Swordsman's Legacy (Rogue Angel, Book 15)

Alex Archer, Michele Hauf

Language: English

Pages: 227

ISBN: 2:00306492

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Archaeologist Annja Creed visits France to find D'Artagnan's lost sword, missing since the seventeenth century, and Ascher Vallois, one of Annja's treasure-hunting friends, believes he has located the site of the relic which may hold the key to a fortune.

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it wasn’t a reliable method. Bone or teeth would prove a better source. “There is blood, but here—” Roux lifted the mail. It made a rattling sound. Jacques struggled inwardly not to grab the mail away and insist the man handle it with more care. Roux pointed to a section of the artifact. Embedded within the metal rings, almost as if woven in, were fine hairs. “This is what I thought would most interest you. I count four, possibly five hairs total. A few yet have the roots on them, I believe.”

possible. Trust me, I’m a major skeptic, but I have a feeling the attempt to create human clones occurs more frequently than we’d like to believe. Yet who will admit they are involved in such research? That is, until the experiments actually work. In the meantime, humans are suffering for the research.” “But I thought the cloning process merely involved extracting the DNA from embryos. Less than a week old?” “Two weeks actually. And that is only for therapeutic cloning. The embryo never grows

was their sole means of finance. And the best way to obtain it? Stalk the serious treasure hunters and swoop in when the booty was brought up. Mad Bloody Jack was still riding the seas, even without the trusty Evil Gentleman Tobias at his side. Jacques owed much to his brother’s memory. From the moment Toby had breathed his last breath, Jack had begun to dream, imagine and design his own future—a future without sickness. He took science courses and advanced biology classes offered in high

back out and handed Annja the flashlight. “Ladies first. It’s a small room, about four feet long by three feet high.” “I’d rather watch.” Annja crossed her arms firmly. She’d gone to the limits with helping these crooks. Lambert nodded to one of his men. He moved swiftly, wrapping an arm about Ascher’s neck in a chokehold. Shoving the barrel of his weapon into his left side elicited a pained moan from Ascher. The side where he’d lost a kidney a few weeks earlier. Regarding her calmly, Lambert

to duty, with a valuable sword.” “Maybe it was given to her with the intention his children would reap any reward found? He had two sons,” Ascher said. “Yes, Louis and Louis,” Annja agreed. “Both claim Louis XIII and Louis XIV as godfathers. Now, that is a family who loved their king.” “Charlotte-Anne must have been quite the woman,” Annja said “Yes, she divorced her husband in a time when divorce was not considered. But they remained friends. I believe it was not just for their children,

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