Ten Plays (Signet Classics)

Ten Plays (Signet Classics)


Language: English

Pages: 608

ISBN: 0451527003

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A modern translation exclusive to signet

From perhaps the greatest of the ancient Greek playwrights comes this collection of plays, including Alcestis, Hippolytus, Ion, Electra, Iphigenia at Aulis, Iphigenia Among the Taurians, Medea, The Bacchae, The Trojan Women, and The Cyclops.

Wandering Poets in Ancient Greek Culture: Travel, Locality and Pan-Hellenism

Virgil: Aeneid IV

The Greeks and Greek Civilization












Done to the seed of Dardanus? FULL CHORUS: He sees, but our glorious city Is a city no longer. There is no Troy. HECUBA: Ottototototoi. The roofs of the citadel and the town, The crests of the ramparts—all aflame. CHORUS: Up like smoke into the sky Our country vanishes in fire, Obliterated by the war. The lance has raged through all the halls. [HECUBA throws herself on her knees and beats the ground with her fists—a ritual gesture whereby one summoned the dead from the bowels of the

of glorious Athens— you know Athena’s city well— and there from the hollows of a rock rescue a newborn baby. Take him with his cradle and all his baby gear to my oracle at Delphi, and dump him on my doorstep there. You may as well know—the child is mine. As to the rest, I’ll take care of it.” I did everything my brother Loxias15 asked: went and got the basket and put the baby on the very steps of this selfsame shrine, flipping open the cradle lid so that the baby could be seen.

one language best translates another when it is least like it and most true to its own genius. One language cannot take a photograph of another. This does not mean that they cannot share parallel qualities of sound. Indeed, they must if they are to engender the same emotions—even to the illusion, where possible, of a common rhythm. Greek and English, though etymologically so different, both love many of the same things. There is a preoccupation with cadence, which shows itself in a predilection

excuse and asking your permission. If this were not to your taste, he should have gone and married someone from Aeolia.20 So now, what you have to do is steel yourself to an act worthy of womanhood. Seize a sword, think of a trick, concoct a poison, and dispatch your husband and the boy before they do you. Otherwise you’ll lose your life. Two antagonists in the same house cannot exist: one or other of them must go under. As for me, I am ready to take part with you in this: to go

and her eyes are red with weeping, but she is surprisingly in control] MEDEA: Women of Corinth, be indulgent, please. I have obeyed you and come out. The charge of aloofness, as I know too well, is something often leveled at both the retiring and the busy person. One who chooses a quiet life has this alleged against him too: laziness and lack of spirit. Public opinion has most shallow eyes. People hate at sight a harmless human being, knowing nothing of the real man. I agree, of

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