The Age of Bronze (Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow #5)

The Age of Bronze (Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow #5)

Rob Kidd

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 1423101685

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The beginning of a new story arc! Jack and company are regrouping after their Sword of Cortes ordeal. They want to forget about magical power and turn their attention towards treasure. But they are about to learn that in the Caribbean magic and treasure often go hand in hand when they encounter a young sailor who can turn things to solid… bronze?

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a hotshot, big fellow, you know the type, very hoity-toity on you. We can't miss the appointment. Hate people like that, don't you? No leeway at all." He gave the woman his most winning smile.She smiled back."Well, I am a fairly well-respected member of New Orleans society," she said with a wink. "Perhaps I can assist you.""Most grateful, beautiful lady," Jack said with another bow. Then he dropped back and whispered to his friends. "Did you see that? She is absolutely crazy about me. Ain'T no

man who was drooling black ooze. Arabella thought fast and grabbed the snake-cane from the woman they had been trailing and clocked him with it.But for each one of the fiends defeated, there were five more possessed partygoers behind them.Jack knocked one down and leaped over him, kicking another one in the face as he went. A third stuck out a nasty clawed hand, and Jack spun out of the way, keeping his fist out and taking down two more.And they kept coming.With a final shove, Jack made it up to

up, sword out. The rest of the crew of the Barnacle also shook themselves awake, stepping quickly away from the snakes.Madame Minuit fell to her knees. Behind her was the boy they had seen her with before, back in the market. The one who originally had the amulet. Now, he held a weird little doll, one with red hair and a black dress a miniature Madame Minuit! He twisted its head and neck. Madame Minuit twisted and writhed in agony.Constance poked her head out from behind the boy's legs and meowed

the skull. The harbormaster fell like a sack of wet mud into the river."Jack," Arabella said worriedly."I am completely on it," Jack said. Rather than taking the time to carefully untie and coil up the ropes, he pulled out his sword and brought it down on them. The lines were severed, and the Barnacle was free of the dock. Hmm, maybe a bronze sword isn't all that bad, after all," he said thoughtfully, looking at his blade.Jean and Tumen leaned over, giving the dock a good shove. They pushed off,

broke off a piece.He looked at it curiously, then tossed it aside. He had to be more careful. Then he undid the rope at his waist and threw it up and up until a loop at the end hooked around the lowest spar on the mizzenmast. He pulled it a few times, making sure it was firmly caught, then scurried up it. He didn't look down; falling and landing on metal "water" would surely kill him.At the top, Jack grabbed the rail and hoisted himself over. His boots hit the deck with a dull clang, not the

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