The Animals of Farthing Wood (Farthing Wood, Book 1)

The Animals of Farthing Wood (Farthing Wood, Book 1)

Colin Dann, Jacqueline Tettmar

Language: English

Pages: 311


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A group of forest animals unite to help each other to safety in this classic tale of tolerance, cooperation, survival, and friendship. When bulldozers enter Farthing Wood, the animals must escape before their homes are destroyed. They promise to stick together and protect each other—but then they get caught in a fire and nearly drown crossing a river. Will their pact hold? Both heart-wrenching and heartwarming, this beloved story has been translated into 16 languages.

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comfort we must all ensure that we eat the food we're used to — the food we like. Otherwise there's no knowing how many will fall by the wayside.' `What do you suggest, Fox ?' asked Badger. `I suggest this. When we stop at the end of each day's journey, we go out in parties to obtain what food we need. The plant-eating animals would form one party, for instance; the squirrels another. We meat-eaters could hunt 55 together, or individually. The birds can please themselves. But there is one point

companions. Adder and Toad, both of whom were excellent swimmers, had soon reached dry land again. All of the animals were now safe from the fire, although some were still struggling in the water. The hedgehogs, and Weasel too, were good swimmers, but their feet were continually becoming entangled in the weeds and reedy water-plants. This made the crossing doubly tiring, but they helped each other and shouted encouragement, as did all the animals already on the island, until finally, the last

staring up at the two birds, found his eyes beginning to water, and was obliged to look down again. Out of the corner of one eye he saw a blurred shape dash past, and turning round, saw Fox, with his passenger, jump into the water and run back towards the island. 'Well, I'll be . . . !' he muttered, walking quickly to the water's edge to look more closely. He saw at once the promontory of land running underneath the water, and, looking along its length, soon spotted the little collection of

each other's plumage,' Tawny Owl said shortly. 'If you haven't anything more to offer the Assembly than that, you might as well not have come.' `I didn't say anything about not attending the Assembly,' said Pheasant in a small voice, and without further ado he walked into the hole with his mate, followed by Kestrel. `Vain as a peacock,' muttered Tawny Owl, and Badger shook his head. `You go in, Owl,' he said presently. 'I'm only waiting for Adder, and then we're complete.' Just then Fox's head

out that very day. And ever since, except during the winter months, I've managed to get a little nearer: little by little, mile by mile, covering as much ground as I was able to each day.' Fox looked at Badger, and Badger nodded sadly. 14 'Toad, old fellow, I . . . I'm afraid there's bad news for you,' Fox said with difficulty. 'Very bad news.' Toad looked up quickly. 'What . . . what is it?' he faltered. 'Your pond has gone. They've filled it in!' • 15 Toad looked at Fox with an expression

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