The Complete Dog Breed Book

The Complete Dog Breed Book

DK Publishing

Language: English

Pages: 354

ISBN: 2:00282742

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The ultimate dog breed resource book, The Complete Dog Breed Book has everything from dog grooming to dog training to caring for a dog to, yes, a breakdown of dog breeds for prospective breeders and prospective dog owners. Search through common dog breeds and exotic dog breeds as well — The Complete Dog Breed Book includes 420 dog breed profiles, with the most popular dog breeds featured on double-page spreads. The Complete Dog Breed Book comes complete with annotated photographs and breed-specific care tips and notes on color variations, temperament, and much more.

Looking for a dog as a pet? Find the perfect dog breed for every lifestyle and personality. The Complete Dog Breed Book even has quizzes and question-and-answer selector charts that help you find the perfect dog breed for your home. Tips and additions guide you through the nuts and bolts of dog ownership, so you'll be prepared for your new pet once you've decided on a dog breed.

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white Muzzle rounded at end Tricolor coat Short, dense, harsh, blue-merle coat Oval feet with arched toes SHETLAND SHEEPDOG AKC A GENTLE-NATURED, FAMILY-FRIENDLY DOG THAT HAS BOUNDLESS ENERGY Height range 14–15in (35–38cm) Weight range 14–37lb (6–17kg) Life span Over 10 years First bred in the rugged Shetland Islands, beyond the northern coast of mainland Scotland, this miniature collie is hardy and resilient. Bursting with energy but easily trained and affectionate, the Shetland Sheepdog

Appenzell Cattle Dog has also taken well to urban life. The breed has a firm following in Switzerland but is not yet widely known elsewhere. Keen, alert, and full of energy, Appenzells are at their best when kept occupied and interested. White blaze extends to sides of muzzle Drop ears, raised forward when alert Origin Switzerland Tail carried in tight curl Reddish brown markings on face Small, almondshaped eyes White chest Dense, flat, shiny, tricolor coat White feet ENTLEBUCHER MOUNTAIN

Kennel Club (AKC). These all group breeds together based loosely on function, but no two systems are exactly the same. Both the UK and American Kennel Clubs recognize seven groups, while the FCI has ten. The number of individual breeds recognized by these organizations also varies. This book places breeds together in eight major groups: primitive dogs; working dogs; spitz-type dogs; sight hounds; scent hounds; terriers; gundogs; and companion dogs; plus a section on crossbreeds and random bred

and tan Brindle; black brindle; dark brindle; fawn brindle; pepper and salt; range of red brindles Gold; russet gold; apricot; biscuit; wheaten; sandy; mustard, straw; straw bracken, Isabella; all shades of fawn; yellow-red; sable Liver and tan Variety of colors or any color Some dog breeds have just one coat color or only one color combination, but many have two or three color variations, or more. Where applicable, the breed descriptions in this book include color swatches that match as

but this African breed worked as a hunting dog for thousands of years. PRIMITIVE DOGS PRIMITIVE DOGS Many modern dog breeds are the result of hundreds of years of breeding for particular characteristics, but a few, commonly regarded as primitive dogs, have remained close to the original “blueprint” of their wolf ancestors. As a group, primitive dogs are not clearly defined, and not all authorities agree that such a category should be recognized. As variously listed, primitive dogs are a

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