The Devil's Cat (The Devil Series, Book 4)

The Devil's Cat (The Devil Series, Book 4)

William W. Johnstone

Language: English

Pages: 186

ISBN: 0821720910

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The town was alive with cats. Sam, Nydia, and Little Sam had never seen so many of them. The cats' eyes were glowing slits as they watched the newcomers. And their furry tails were slowly switching back and forth. . . The town was ripe with evil. Soon Sam, Nydia and Little Sam would battle the forces of darkness, standing alone against the ultimate predator--The Devil's Cat. Book cover designed with "horror" hologram.

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nodded his head in agreement. "I concur. I think we're back to square one." The cops looked at the priest. Finally, Don said, "Are you serious?" "Quite," Javotte said. "We are now, unwillingly, I'll admit, playing Satan's favorite game." He glanced at Sam. "Waiting," Sam finished it. Sonny plopped his hat on his head. "Not me," he announced. Before anyone could stop him, he was gone out the door, into the storm-slashed Louisiana night. Don tried to stop the man. The door had closed before

nothing you can do to me." R. M. was silent for a time. But Colter knew he was still on the line; she could hear his heavy breathing. "Oui," he finally spoke. "A mon grand regret." "You may regret, R. M. I don't. Our mariage de convenance kept your darker side chained for many years, did it not?" "I despise you!" But Colter knew that was not R. M. speaking. She knew that was not R. M. sitting down in the den. That was only his shell. R. M. Dorgenois had, for all intents and purposes, died.

is always at night. The altar must be black-draped. Those attending must stand with their backs to the altar and to the inverted cross and to six black candles. If the devil is asked to appear, in whatever form, and the choice is solely the decision of the Dark One, a sexual offering must be made, and a human being sacrificed; then the blood and semen are mixed in a silver chalice and either sprinkled onto the heads of the followers gathered … or drunk by those in attendance. After the praising

The demon raised his muscular arms and charged Little Sam. Sam met the charge and kicked out with one shoe, the toe of the shoe catching the creature between its legs, almost lifting it off the tile. Shrieking in pain, with stinking puke rolling out of its mouth, the demon tumbled to the floor, for the moment, helpless. Little Sam's eyes began glowing with a fierce new intensity, the light white-hot from the powers bestowed upon him from beyond the Heavens. The demon's hair was the first to

"They need help," Sam said, hearing Nydia's voice in his head. "It's far from being over." He grabbed up an armload of stakes. "Holy Water, Padre?" he asked the priest. Javotte nodded. Sam said, "James, Padre, Romy, Tess … let's go." 24 Gangs of wild-eyed men and women and teenagers, some armed with clubs of all kinds, beat at the cars and pickup as the small band fought their way through the night, shattering windshields and side windows as the small team drove past them. Gunfire from

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