The Greek Alexander Romance (Penguin Classics)

The Greek Alexander Romance (Penguin Classics)


Language: English

Pages: 197

ISBN: 0140445609

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Since his death in the third century BC, each age has woven its own legends around the figure of Alexander the Great.

If the Hebrew tradition saw him as a preacher and prophet, to the Persians he was alternately a true king and an arch-Satan, while in modern Greece he is revered more as a wise man than as a conqueror. All these very disparate traditions share roots in The Greek Alexander Romance.

One of the most influential works of late classical Greek literature, it reached Europe in the Middle Ages, and its effects are still visible to us in illuminated manuscripts and cathedral sculptures portraying Alexander's fabulous adventures - his taming of the horse Bucephalus, the encounters with Amazons and Brahmins, the quest for the Water of Life, the ascent to heaven in a basket borne by eagles. Nowadays the Romance should be read not only as a literary masterpiece but also as fast-paced and wonderfully exuberant entertainment.

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spells for him, and then he will come to you.’ And she replied, ‘You may have this room from now on.’ She gave orders that he should be given the key to the room. Then he hid his disguise in a secret place, and went in to her as often as Olympias wanted. And all the time she thought it was the god Ammon who came to her. Day by day Olympias’ belly grew, until one day she said to Nectanebo, ‘What shall I say if Philip comes home and finds me pregnant?’ ‘Have no fear, queen,’ replied the wizard.

Olympias, that I will do you no harm, but will accept from you whatever tribute you care to give, and I will not attack your country. Send us as many horsewomen as you think fit. We will pay each of them wages of a gold stater every month, and their food and drink in addition. At the end of a year these shall return to you and you shall send others. Take counsel and inform me of your decision. Farewell.’ When the Amazons received Alexander’s letter, they held an assembly and wrote to inform him

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