The Holistic Puppy: How to Have a Happy, Healthy Dog

The Holistic Puppy: How to Have a Happy, Healthy Dog

Diane Stein

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: B004G606L2

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Are you considering adopting a puppy or grown dog? Diane Stein will help you choose and train a dog and will also advise you on proper nutrition and health problems, through the dog'¬?s entire life span, from infancy through the hell-raising teenage years, to old age. She includes homeopathic remedies and other natural remedies.

Having rescued three grown dogs with moderate to severe emotional and physical problems and also raised two puppies, Diane Stein understands that when a puppy comes to live with people, humans and animal become a canine-human pack-family. She explores this dynamic and explains how you can put this knowledge to use to raise a happy, healthy do.

From the Trade Paperback edition.

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housemate for the next ten to fifteen years? This number three or four puppy is the one to take home and love. While these tests are suitable only for young puppies, in choosing an adult dog watch for the basic traits. Look for a dog that is cautious but unafraid, that reacts without aggressiveness or cringing, that watches you and accepts your cues and lead. Do not try the roll-over or elevation exercises with an unknown adult dog. Instead, observe her reactions to you and be aware of her body

to administer the pill. Make sure she doesn’t cough it up again before you send her on her way. To give a homeopathic remedy in pellet form, you may open her mouth as above and shake the pellets onto her tongue. Let her swallow them or let them melt there. Avoid touching the pellets; they are shaken into the container cap first and dropped from the cap into the dog’s mouth. For small puppies, you may crush the pellets between two kitchen spoons and place the powder onto her tongue. After

cats, even a single dose of aspirin can be fatal.) Remedies with alcohol bases should be diluted or the alcohol evaporated by placing the drops in hot water before giving them to the animal. This may be done for herb tinctures but not for flower essences or homeopathic remedies. Heat will inactivate these remedies but the alcohol in them is minimal anyway and you will give your pet only a few drops. Herbal tinctures are given by the drop and you will use only about three drops per dose for a

symptoms don’t quite match the remedy may not work at all. If nothing changes after a couple of tries with a remedy you have the wrong one. This is what makes homeopathy so much of a challenge and can make it frustrating for beginners. A good guide book goes a long way to help you choose the right remedy the first time. If you use a 30C potency give the remedy once and then stop. Watch your pet over the next few hours to see her reaction. Have her symptoms lessened or worsened? Has she had any

and don’t push her beyond her endurance. Though she will try to do everything she had in the past, she may not be strong enough now. Your dog will need more protection from extremes of cold and heat and a softer place to sleep. If she is used to sleeping on your bed she may have difficulty climbing there. Place a stool or bench at the foot to give her a step up or build a ramp. Don’t exile her if she has slept there all her life. Your dog may need a boost to help her in and out of your car as

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