The Little Lost Mouse (The Mouse Tale Series) (Volume 1)

The Little Lost Mouse (The Mouse Tale Series) (Volume 1)

Michael James

Language: English

Pages: 34

ISBN: 1484888596

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Kelli Mouse was part of the Mouse Family. There was Timothy Mouse, Maggie Mouse and her brother Michael Mouse. The Mouse Family spent summers at their country house and the cold winters in the city. This story is about their journey back to the city at the end of summer. Kelli Mouse had a habit of day dreaming and getting distracted sometimes. Typically her daydreams usually resulted in some interesting situations. This story is about Kelli Mouse and the adventure that develops as a result of her distractions on the way back from her country house. Your kids will be entertained by this wonderful tale. “The Little Lost Mouse” is just one of the Mouse Family Storybook Series. Find out…. How Kelli Mouse Got Lost in the first place? Who will help Kelli Mouse find her way? Who takes Kelli Mouse under their wing? Will Kelli Mouse ever see her family again? Click on purchase now to get all the answers. You and your child will enjoy this whimsical tale.

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Table Of Contents Title Page Preparing For Their Trip Storing His Collection Trip To The City In The City Streets Time To Go Which One? Who Will Help? Better Hurry Inside A Kind Neighbor Drink Some Milk Just A Minute New Friends A Happy Reunion Please Review Additional eBooks Shadow the Pug Excerpt Coming Soon Title Page Preparing For Their Trip Every autumn the Mouse Family moved from their summer home in the country, back to their large townhouse

here.” Drink Some Milk Soon Kelli Mouse was sitting in a big rocker in the kitchen next to the warm chimney. She drank her milk, and told Mathilda Mouse and her family what happened on her journey from the country. ”Well, we must find your family at once,” Mathilda Mouse said. “We just moved here this summer. We don’t know everyone in the neighborhood yet, but we can ask around. Can you tell us what your house looks like?” “I know it is on the first floor

soon as the house is quiet, we can go and try to find your family." As soon as all the candles were put out, and the fireplace had burned down low, Kelli Mouse and her new friends crept out of the hole under the stairs. New Friends They found their way into the kitchen, slipped behind the door, and found a hole that led behind the chimney. Kelli peered inside and saw her mother, father, and brother. They looked very sad. "Where, oh where could Kelli be?" her

our Kelli back and how nice to have new neighbors!” Timothy Mouse exclaimed. “We shall have a happy winter here in our snug, warm house, with good things to eat, a cosy place to sleep, and new, dear friends nearby. What more could a Mouse Family want? Now that Kelli has returned, life is good.” THE END. Please Review Additional eBooks Shadow The Pug Excerpt Coming Soon Watch for more of the “Pooch Series” Great Adventure of

started toward town. Timothy Mouse said, "Quick, let's hop on that wagon, hide under the hay, and have a nice dry ride into town." The Mouse Family saw a rope hanging down in the back of the wagon, and they all scurried right up the rope and into fresh, clean hay. In The City Streets "What luck!" Maggie Mouse said. "Now we will arrive home by evening, rather than in the middle of the night." As they approached the town, Timothy Mouse watched for the right

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