The Oracle's Message (Rogue Angel, Book 32)

The Oracle's Message (Rogue Angel, Book 32)

Alex Archer, Jon F. Merz

Language: English

Pages: 212

ISBN: 2:00307151

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Men would do anything for it…but one woman will determine its fate

Steeped in legend, the Pearl of Palawan has a history marked by destruction, vengeance and love. But more important, the mythical black pearl is rumored to grant a power long coveted by mankind—immortality. It is a power men would risk dying to achieve.

Sun, sand and scuba diving in the Philippines certainly sounded like an ideal vacation. But after a way-too-close-for-comfort encounter with a tiger shark, archaeologist Annja Creed finds herself drawn into a group of German divers. They are treasure hunters searching for the fabled pearl. Out of curiosity, Annja accompanies them. But when an old friend of hers turns up unexpectedly, she finds herself torn between her past and new acquaintances.

The race is on to possess the pearl. But no one realizes the true nature of the artifact, or the danger it poses to them all.

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heart raced. Finally! They had to remember proper protocol, however, and despite the fact that they were nearly out of oxygen, they still had to time their ascents accordingly. After all, they had no real idea how deep they’d gone underwater or how much they might have ascended since going into the tunnel. Roux led the way. Annja watched him journey up the slender tube and then saw Spier head up next. Annja waited until he had reached the top and clambered out of the tunnel before starting up

Spindly tendrils that reminded Annja of sea grass were covered in blood and gore. Roux chuckled. “Perhaps they were waging this war underwater.” “That would mean they would be able to breathe in the ocean,” Spier said. “I don’t see any gill slits on their necks.” Annja perked up. “Maybe they didn’t need gills at all.” “How else would they be able to extract oxygen from the surrounding sea?” Spier asked. “The U.S. government and a few others have conducted experiments on special-operations

far too long, after all.” “Yeah, but if they thought we were dead, wouldn’t they have a recovery team out here looking for our bodies?” Annja asked. Roux sniffed. “I think you might be giving him too much credit. Odds are he was more concerned about his boat and gear than he was us.” “But the other people of the resort would want to know,” Annja said. “Dr. Tiko would make him launch some sort of rescue.” “Perhaps,” Hans said, “they simply don’t know yet.” Mueller frowned. “Regardless, we are

government credentials, he’d managed to have a military helicopter fly out in the midst of the storm, no less, to pick up Annja and Roux and take them back to Manila where the Gulfstream was idling on the runway, courtesy of the United States government. Annja had looked at the tail numbers and wondered if they even corresponded to a legitimate entity back in the States. Probably a CIA front company, she decided. No matter, George had been good to his word and got them out of the Philippines

face. Annja felt it strike her hard and she saw stars for a moment. “I was a master of European martial arts,” Spier said. “It was a long time ago, of course, but some things you don’t forget.” Spier attacked her again and again and Annja felt her strength waning under the weight of her past injuries, the medication and the champagne. But she knew that Spier wouldn’t stop. She rolled across the roof and came up on one knee. Spier sensed her weakness. “I’m sorry it has to end this way,

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