The Other Crowd (Rogue Angel, Book 30)

The Other Crowd (Rogue Angel, Book 30)

Alex Archer, Michele Hauf

Language: English

Pages: 163

ISBN: 2:00307153

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In a remote part of Ireland, two archaeological teams dig for the find of a lifetime—the legendary Spear of Lugh. Folklore claims the magical weapon was forged in the time of the ancient Tuatha de Danaan. But as the search intensifies, people begin disappearing from the dig. "Faeries," whisper the locals. The Other Crowd…

Instructed to travel to Ireland and return with faerie footage, archaeologist Annja Creed figures it's a joke assignment. But people have vanished and she soon realizes there's more in play than mythical wee folk. With the unsettling notion that something otherworldly is in the air, Annja is torn between her roles as an archaeologist and a warrior. But can her powerful sword protect her from the threat of violence…or the Other Crowd?

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was still and the stars were out full force in the black sky. “She’s a marvel,” Annja commented. “Don’t worry, she’s not picking brides.” “Are you sure?” “Well…” He let that one hang. Annja had no intention of encouraging a romance. Something about Daniel appealed to her, and his age didn’t bother her at all. But long-distance relationships were deal breakers in her book. And one-night stands, while she entertained them on occasion, she had to be in the mood. “Thanks for the meal, Daniel.

“Twenty.” He didn’t sound entirely sure of it, though the reply was practiced enough. Annja swung a disbelieving look at Doug. “Are you serious? Sending me across the sea with a…” The word boy stuck on her tongue. Good thing, too. That was no way to start a working relationship. Hell, she just needed to sleep off the aftereffects of the strange dream. “Has he got any experience?” Doug wrapped an arm around her shoulder and steered her a few paces away from the giddy cameraman. To their left,

links screamed “outsider,” but he made it work. Slater had seen more eccentric studies walking the Russian tundra, so Neville didn’t really surprise him. Neville turned to his driver and snapped his fingers. “Hand me that rifle.” The driver handed over a Rangemaster .50 caliber. Neville lifted the rifle before him and sighted through the scope. The rifle was heavy, but he managed it easily enough. “Easy now, mate,” Slater said when Neville fingered the trigger. “I’m using it to see,” Neville

Bart for getting too deeply involved in criminal cases that a layman had no right sticking her nose into. NewWorld would be notified, and they could handle contacting Wesley’s next of kin. A big man in a dark sweatsuit shoved past her so hard, she was slammed palms-first into the wall. The sound of an alarm stopped her from shouting at him. Annja looked down the hallway in the direction he’d come from. Nurses and a few others in white coats rushed into the room she knew was Beth’s. “She’s

make it a point to know certain things. Like things about you. I understand you’re with a television program. You should consider gathering a more intelligent crew. Or is that how the Americans operate? Get stoned and party all night?” “He was forcibly taken,” Annja said sharply. She cautioned herself to maintain control of her voice. She wanted to show she wasn’t intimidated by Neville’s presumed power and presence, but she also couldn’t come off as cocky. “If you know so much about everyone, I

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