The Paths of the Perambulator (Spellsinger Series)

The Paths of the Perambulator (Spellsinger Series)

Alan Dean Foster

Language: English

Pages: 279

ISBN: 0446326798

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

With Clothahump and Mudge the Otter, Jonathan Meriweather, the Spellsinger, now faces the greatest challenge of all - for the mysterious Perambulator is threatening the very fabric of the universe.

Blue Star Priestess (Demon Lord, Book 3)

The Tomb of the Gods (Matt Drake, Book 4)

Sky Raiders (Five Kingdoms, Book 1)

Tales from the Hood (The Sisters Grimm, Book 6)

The Crucible of Time




















existed. The most famous of these is the army surplus jeep for twenty-five dollars. “It’s impossible to sell a jeep for twenty-five dollars, but despite post office regulations, ads like that have been appearing for decades. But not one of those twenty-five-dollar jeeps ever existed. And now I know why. The only way to actually get one is by using magic. The wonderful aroma you’re inhaling, by the way, is the delightful fragrance of leaded gas. One of the more common smells on my world.” “My

Jon-Tom had his own, knew exactly what he was going to use for a lyrical coup de grâce. His fingers strummed faster than ever, and he felt as though the energy of the song would lift him off the ground. Certainly the imps had never encountered anything with the relentless energy of the Pointer Sisters’ “Neutron Dance.” Momentarily transformed into a miniature particle-beam generator, the duar struck to heart of the monster. There was a small, very localized explosion. Everyone covered their

so doing, he used the last of his arrows, but he was able to recover the majority of them from the surrounding rubble-strewn slope, where they had come to rest after passing completely through the spurious bodies of the Talea clones. Jon-Tom and the others waited for the otter to conclude his collecting, a task in which he was greatly aided by Sorbl. Meanwhile the spellsinger held the hand of his heart’s desire and tried to comfort her. Talea, however, was her usual self again, which meant that

unique ability to read some of the future.” The koala turned his gaze back to the devastation they were striding through. “Then who’s been fighting here?” “Our unknown opponent. I strongly suspect he has been doing battle with himself, as is not uncommon among the insane. I wonder how long he has been assailed by unseen demons and imaginary terrors?” Sorbl fluttered along overhead, having to work hard to stay airborne in the confined space of the hallway. “Master, what kind of maniac opposes

Not only was the wolverine acting in a less than thankful manner, he seemed downright displeased about something. “You could have left me alone to work out my problems on my own,” Braglob growled. “Left you alone? You mean, you were enjoying being a coward?” “Of course not.” “Then you’re saying you were happy as a madman?” “No, but I didn’t know that I was mad. I knew only that I was going to rule the world, or at least that I had the power to alter and affect it. Now I have no power at

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