The Wild Things

The Wild Things

Dave Eggers

Language: English

Pages: 300

ISBN: 1934781614

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Wild Things — based very loosely on the storybook by Maurice Sendak and the screenplay cowritten with Spike Jonze — is about the confusions of a boy, Max, making his way in a world he can’t control. His father is gone, his mother is spending time with a younger boyfriend, his sister is becoming a teenager and no longer has interest in him. At the same time, Max finds himself capable of startling acts of wildness: he wears a wolf suit, bites his mom, and can’t always control his outbursts. During a fight at home, Max flees and runs away into the woods. He finds a boat there, jumps in, and ends up on the open sea, destination unknown. He lands on the island of the Wild Things, and soon he becomes their king. But things get complicated when Max realizes that the Wild Things want as much from him as he wants from them. Funny, dark, and alive, The Wild Things is a timeless and time-tested tale for all ages.

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Carol’s huge legs made climbing the giant rocks much easier than for Max. While Carol jumped from one to the next like he was walking up stairs, Max struggled to keep up, having to find toeholds in each boulder. When he was just about too exhausted to continue, Max heard Carol’s voice from high above: “We’re here. Or I am at least.” Max looked up to see Carol standing in the entrance to a magnificent and dizzyingly intricate wooden structure built into the side of the mountain. The design was

Max’s mouth. “Don’t do that, Katherine. Don’t bring him into it. Douglas did not come.” “Of course he did,” she said, astonished. “He was with us a few minutes ago.” “Sorry. You’re wrong,” Carol said dismissively. “I can’t believe you,” Katherine said. “Do you really not notice who’s around you? Are you really that self-centered that you can’t remember which four or five of us are near at any given time? Do you look at or hear any of us?” This made Carol boil. But before he could formulate an

a difficult but valor-filled middle, and a victorious end. He hadn’t accounted for the fact that there might not be much of a resolution to the battle, and he hadn’t imagined what it would feel like when the war just sort of ended, without anyone admitting defeat and congratulating him for his bravery. Instead, Judith and Ira had been thrown off the cliff, and Katherine and Carol had gotten angrier at each other, and Alexander wasn’t talking to Ira, because somehow in his mind it was Ira’s fault

extraordinary limb. “Close your eyes, Max,” he said. Max closed his eyes. “I made a surprise for you. Your first royal meal.” Max could smell something being put under his nose. His body shook involuntarily. It was the most potent and wretched smell he had ever encountered. It was like a thousand long-dead fish soaked in gasoline and eggs. “Okay, now you can look,” Douglas said. Max opened his eyes. He almost jumped. It was a huge snake. Or a worm. About a foot in diameter. Wet and brown

start, roar for a minute. Was she leaving? Then she turned off the engine. Finally he heard her walking up the stairs again and soon she was by his side again, on her knees, helping with the towels on the floor. “What happened to you two?” she asked. “You used to be so close.” This made Max more sorry than before. “I don’t know,” he mumbled. She let out a sigh that filled the room. “I really need you to help keep this house together, Max,” she said. “I need you to be a force of stability, not

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