Three Plays of Euripides: Alcestis, Medea, The Bacchae

Three Plays of Euripides: Alcestis, Medea, The Bacchae


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"Paul Roche...must be ranked among the great translators of the Greek dramas in our century."―Robert W. Corrigan

Here are three of Euripides' finest tragedies offered in vivid, modern translations.

The Peloponnesian War

Initiation in Ancient Greek Rituals and Narratives: New Critical Perspectives

La Cité grecque

Stupid Ancient History














The king gave orders about this. Now, here I am Indoors, serving a guest – some rascally thief or bandit; While she, Alcestis, has gone out of the house; and I Did not follow her body, or even stretch my hand To say good-bye, nor join in the lament for her. To me and to all the servants here she was a mother. A thousand times, when the king was raging, it was she Who calmed him down and saved us. So, this guest who comes Bursting in on our trouble – I hate him; and I’m right! Enter

NURSE: There, now! You’re not Out of your mind – far from it. Yet you still refuse Either to help your children or to save your life. PHAEDRA: I love them both. A different storm is wrecking me. NURSE: My daughter, are your hands pure from any guilt of blood? PHAEDRA: My hands are pure. It is my heart that is defiled. NURSE: What? By a wrong some enemy has done to you? PHAEDRA: A friend11 kills me; and no more by his will than mine. NURSE: Is Theseus guilty? Has he done you

his home now rapturously decks his idol With gauds and gowns, heaps beauty on hatefulness, poor wretch, Squandering the family fortune. For an easy life At home, to marry a cipher might be best – except That no good comes of inanity on a pedestal. Yet a clever woman, with more wit than becomes a woman, I abhor; I would not have such a woman in my house. The sexual urge breeds wickedness more readily In clever women; while the incompetent are saved From wantonness by lack of wit. A woman

rage, And think what action will best serve your family. Enter HIPPOLYTUS with other young noblemen.19 HIPPOLYTUS: I heard your cry, father, and I have come at once; But what the matter is which causes you this grief I do not know – so I would wish to learn from you. – Oh! What do I see here? Father, it is your wife – Dead! I am utterly astonished! It was only Just now that I was leaving her. She was alive A short time since. What happened to her? How did she die? Father! I wish to

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