Travels with Lizbeth: Three Years on the Road and on the Streets

Travels with Lizbeth: Three Years on the Road and on the Streets

Lars Eighner

Language: English

Pages: 292

ISBN: 0449909433

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"Remarkable . . . irresistibly funny." The New Yorker
The true story of a modern Robinson Crusoe and Huckleberry Finn, a homeless man and his erstwhile companion, a dog named Lizbeth, and their unbelievable, funny and poignant adventures on the road and on the streets.


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still knowledge The I meant to pull the timing chain! knew from sad experience this is the last thing ever even fool if the to do, timing chain wants replacing. Somehow I diverted Dallas for a the fan belt on. "Look," I said, moment "won't it while work I this slipped way?" Dallas studied the fan belt at great length, running his finger around the belt's path several times. This gave me a moment to slide under the car and to see what the situation was with the

concrete block me with would never have considered sleeping on. This provided empty crash site as I had menknown what a vivid hit us. To judge by what I had seen of the fire I would have sworn anything remotely inflammable in the car would have been reduced to cinders. But as we followed the drag path I found a remarkable number of things intact and unmarked by the fire, shed from the wreck as it was towed away. There were a couple of pairs of jeans that had been worn too long without

might lay out the bedroll without fear of being disturbed. I sat on the gear and wrote a postcard in the last moments of twilight. Then Lizbeth got us the first ride I am sure she was responsible for. A man, perhaps in his fifties, said he had passed us and seen the dog and come back for us. He drove us to his far Austin home in Fredricksburg. to Tucdo His wife, he told me, worked in a veterinary clinic in Austin and they both rather fancied dogs. This last I might have concluded

radio. From it I got enough of a weather report to hear that a low of twentyeight degrees was expected somewhere, but the station faded before I learned its location. Suddenly Lizbeth broke loose from her moorings and ran across the rise. A white tail disappeared over a fence. Lizbeth had discovered deer. I decided to stop. I Friday morning was overcast with high clouds. The grass was very dewy and, in patches, frosty. Because I was bigger and stronger I eventually dislodged Lizbeth from the

alone. I tied her leash to the hub of a loose spare tire in the bed of the pickup. It was far from clear that she could not hang herself by jumping overboard or be lost over the side by slipping her collar. There was not room for me to ride with her. I worried about her constantly for she rode standing on various objects and precariously balanced. The worst was when we would overtake a livestock truck. She clearly appreciated only the very slight relative motion of the vehicles and gave every

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