Tribal Ways (Rogue Angel, Book 25)

Tribal Ways (Rogue Angel, Book 25)

Alex Archer, Victor Milán

Language: English

Pages: 164

ISBN: 2:00306502

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"A frigid spring morning at a Native American archaeological dig erupts into sudden and brutal violence, leaving five people dead and one man gravely wounded. And in a hospital, with archaeologist Annja Creed at his side, the last survivor utters his final words to name his killer - a skinwalker. The skinwalker is feared among the Navajo and Apache. It is witchcraft of a most terrible nature that allows a man to take the shape of a wolf - and kill. But as Annja delves into the mystery of the skinwalker, she finds herself pulled into an underworld of violence and vicious radicals, threaded with legend.and sociopathic intent. In this world, Annja is unwelcome. And in this world, she could be the creature's next victim.."

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like to imagine Numunu traditions are, anyway. They really believe, and I can’t emphasize this enough, that as the American empire weakens, the time approaches when they can throw off the white-eyes’ yoke and rule.” “Really?” she asked. “And that differs from your philosophy, how?” “Fair question. We—the Iron Horse People—don’t want to force anybody to do anything but let us alone. We only want to rule ourselves. Yes, we think the empire’s going down, too. We’ve got eyes. Don’t you see it?”

seriously nasty going on here. It started long before the murders, and it seems to be ongoing.” “And it’s our business,” Ten Bears said. “Got nothing to do with this other thing.” “How can you be sure? Is it just coincidence that the killer struck here, where tensions between Indian and white and Indian and Indian are getting wound so tight?” “But he hit twice in New Mexico,” Ten Bears said. “And while there’s always tension where Indians come in contact with white-eyes or Mexicans, they’re

just in Iraq. And I still believe in it. But—” He shook his head again. “I can’t believe in everything it does. Done in its name. I can’t believe in what it sometimes seems it’s becoming. I see the part I’ve played in that—and I feel ashamed. Is that wrong? Am I weak?” “No,” she said. “And no.” “Why did you want to talk to me, Ms. Creed?” “I didn’t want you hunting for me.” He laughed. “That’s pretty up front.” “I also don’t want to lie to you, Lieutenant. Mainly, I don’t know if I could

Johnny. Interesting, she thought, and sipped her coffee. A moment later she heard many powerful V-twin engines roaring alive outside. Johnny came back in. “Okay. We’re not all sitting like ducks on a pond now, anyway. They’ll spread the word to everybody else to stay sharp and wait for the word to move.” “How will you get the word out?” Annja asked. “Boys and girls’ll go deliver the word in person, as much as they safely can,” Billy said. “Beyond that, we got us walkie-talkies.” “But the

the self-reliant, antigovernment type.” “Lieutenant…” Annja warned. “Okay, okay. Just having some fun. Only ’cause I know things are about to get deadly serious. Emphasis on deadly.” He wiped his mouth with his napkin and tossed it on his well-cleaned plate. “Feds can’t track these bad boys,” he said, “but old Injuns can.” THE MEN CAME and went from the large living room. Between massive dark roof beams, and the red Santillotiled floors strewn with rugs in bold stripes and jags, it had been

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