Unlikely Loves: 43 Heartwarming True Stories from the Animal Kingdom (Unlikely Friendships)

Unlikely Loves: 43 Heartwarming True Stories from the Animal Kingdom (Unlikely Friendships)

Jennifer S. Holland

Language: English

Pages: 240

ISBN: 0761174427

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Unlikely Friendships is the phenomenal New York Times bestseller that’s spent 44 weeks on the list and has 615,000 copies in print. It’s struck a chord with media, from CBS This Morning to USA Today, and Temple Grandin has praised it as “amazing. It shows the power of friendship.” Now its author, Jennifer Holland, who writes about animal relationships with insight, compassion, and a fine narrative touch, explores animal attachments that, in human terms, can only be called love.

Packed with beautiful, breathtaking full-color photographs, Unlikely Loves is a celebration of love between species. Here are stories of parental love, like the Dalmatian who mothers a newborn lamb―a lamb that just happens to be white with black spots! Stories of playful love, including the fox and the hound who become inseparable. And stories of orphaned animals who have found family-like ties in unexpected combinations, like the elephant who’s bonded with sea lions, goats, and other animals in her walks around the Oregon Zoo.

Ms. Holland has interviewed scientists, zoologists, and animal caretakers from around the world, tracking down firsthand sources and eyewitnesses. The stories are written with journalistic integrity and detail―and always filled with the author’s deep affection for her subjects.

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special, so relaxed.” Other rituals included a moose form of “fetch” (though Jack wasn’t much for retrieving a stick), running around side by side, and playing chase. “I could always feel him come up behind me. I’d spin around and chase, and he’d run—he loved it.” Wild animals, even those that are raised with people, can be unpredictable—and Vanessa was aware of this each time she was with Jack. Even as a giant, however, the moose was gentle with Vanessa, never made her feel nervous or showed any

no one would have blamed her. But that’s not how Puggy rolls. Instead, she gives her love freely, holding no grudge against the scent of newborn that was 41 once mingled with smells of waste and filth. In fact, perhaps her old life is why she is such a generous being. She’s known hardship and doesn’t want any other animal to suffer. So when a tiny piglet entered her world at the Hillside Wildlife Sanctuary in Norfolk, England, Puggy was quick to go into mother mode, as if a switch had been

past me. She was so fast I was caught off guard; she then turned and zipped back the other way, nearly grazing my shoulder. I think she enjoyed surprising me with each pass. When the dolphin came back a third time, she had a long strip of sea grass across her beak, which she let fall at my flippered feet. I picked it up and swam around with it for a bit, then “tossed” it away. She took it up again, circled, then again let it sink. I think we were playing dolphin fetch. And in an unforgettable

the goose that didn’t seem to like anyone decided to take the blind dog under his wing. Guzik now “tells” Bak when there’s food to be had and leads him to his bone and his water bowl. He wakes up the dog 32   |   Un lik ely Loves in the morning and even helps the pup fulfill his “watchdog” duties. “The goose actually runs to the gate when the mailman comes or the bread is delivered and makes a lot of noise, runs back to Bak, and then Bak follows and barks, too.” “They do bicker a lot,” Renata

front leg was broken above the knee and he had a bite mark above his hip—maybe from a bear, or a dog. “He looked at me, his eyes got wide, and he cried!” Vanessa says. “And the sounds he made were heartbreaking. Moose calves make a high-pitched wail that sounds a lot like Ma! Ma! ” Even in his sad state, “it was the cutest thing I’d ever seen . . . or heard.” The boss told Vanessa she was moose mom for the day, and she happily joined the baby in the hay with a bottle to feed him. And there she

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