Vipero The Snake Man (Beast Quest, Book 10)

Vipero The Snake Man (Beast Quest, Book 10)

Adam Blade, Cherith Baldry

Language: English

Pages: 25

ISBN: 2:00310813

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

New Beasts. Old Magic.
Setting out on the next stage of the Quest is harder than ever-it means leaving home. Tom successfully defended his village, but an even more sinister Beast waits on the horizon: Vipero. Tom has no choice but to leave his family once again, bound for the desert and its untold dangers.

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shaded by a gnarled, leafless tree. “That must be where the townspeople water their animals.” He led Storm over. Silver trotted ahead and let out a disappointed whine as he looked over the edge of the trough. It was completely dry. The sides were furred with green and there were a few scraps of trash in the bottom. “There’s no water at all!” Elenna said. Before Tom could reply he heard the sound of a door opening. A voice called, “Hey! You there!” Tom turned. A woman was poking her head out

aid if he needed them. Slowly they headed farther into the desert. Both animals had become very quiet. Storm plodded on determinedly, while Tom and Elenna walked beside him. Tom reached up to pat his neck. “You’re doing fine, boy,” he murmured. “Let’s hope we’ll be out of here soon.” Elenna looked down to where Silver padded along in Storm’s shadow. “When this is over,” she promised, “I’m going to give you the biggest bowl of water in all of Avantia.” Silver let out an approving howl. As they

whispering a name into Tom’s ear: “Vipero …” Malvel cackled, his laughter echoing between the rocks. CHAPTER SEVEN A FIERY ORDEAL TOM STARED DOWN INTO THE VALLEY. So THIS was the Beast! Vipero had the body of a snake, which lay on the sand in coils of red and green. But where the snake’s head would have been was the muscular body of a man. Its neck was split into two, and each part carried the flat, wedge-shaped head of a snake. The two heads swayed, hissing angrily, their tiny bright eyes

felt a tug on his belt. Looking around, he stared in horror to see that the water skin had caught on one of the vicious spines. There was a long tear in the leather and their precious water was leaking away into the sand. “No!” Elenna cried. She grabbed the ruined water skin and put it to her lips, sucking up the last few drops of water. Instantly, Tom heard a loud hissing from the valley where Vipero was lying. The two snake heads had whipped around, and the Beast’s four eyes glared with a red

back out of range, and Vipero still blocked the way to the glittering leg armor and Elenna. Sweat was pouring off Tom’s body. His head swam with the heat. He knew he couldn’t go on fighting for much longer. Vipero would weaken him and then strike when he was defenseless. Now that he was alone, he couldn’t hope to defeat a Beast with two pairs of eyes watching him closely and two heads that could attack him separately. Suddenly, Tom heard the sound of galloping hooves. At first he thought he

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