Warrior Spirit (Rogue Angel, Book 9)

Warrior Spirit (Rogue Angel, Book 9)

Alex Archer, Jon F. Merz

Language: English

Pages: 178

ISBN: 2:00306486

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

While vacationing in Tokyo, archaeologist Annja Creed is approached by a man who desperately needs her help. Kennichi Ogawa, the last descendant of an ancient warrior family, is trying to locate a stolen artifact. Legend has it that the vajra was mystically endowed by a warrior's spirit to help the Yumegakure-ryu family forever be a source for good. But the vajra could help the forces of evil if it gets into the wrong hands. And now the bloodthirsty Yakuza and a group of hired ninja are after it. As Annja and Kennichi trek through the fog-enshrouded mountains of the Iga province to find the relic, they must also outsmart the vicious Yakuza and ninja who are dangerously close to uncovering the vajra first ... and to destroying their competition.

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your stuff in the morning,” Ken said. Annja blinked. “You read minds, too?” “Reading minds isn’t necessary if you understand how basic human psychology works. It’s only natural to feel concern over your possessions. Me suggesting you leave them for the time being isn’t going to alleviate that concern.” “Well, the offer is a kind one and I’m certainly tempted.” “But you’ll pass.” Ken nodded. “I expected you would. In fact, I would have been surprised if you’d accepted my offer.” “But you made

nature. Most events are clearly laid out if you only care to notice them ahead of time.” They walked down a corridor on cedar planking polished by years of feet scuffling back and forth in sock slippers. Annja marveled at the depth of the temple. “It seems so small on the outside. And yet—” Taka nodded. “It’s much larger than it appears. In much the same way, Fudo Myoo’s influence is much greater than is at first evident.” “Do you know Ken well?” Annja expected him to say they’d been friends

dinner, and when the soft knock at the door came followed by the reappearance of the young woman in the kimono, Annja was already leaning back on her haunches, marveling at how much she’d managed to put away. She sipped her sake, aware of the calming effects the liquor was having on her. “That was marvelous.” Ken looked at the young woman. “Oishi.” She bowed low and said what Annja took to be thanks. As she exited the room, she turned and said a few words to Ken, who smiled and bowed. “What?”

time to be gentle and soft with her. As he nuzzled her, he thought about the timetable they would need to adhere to in order to pursue Kennichi and Annja Creed. At least they knew where to find them—that was if they stayed around long enough. Shuko whimpered as he kissed her. Sex would take precious time away from them. He frowned. But it was apparently necessary in order to reassure Shuko that he did truly love her. After all, he needed her badly by his side during the coming battles he felt

confusion,” said Shuko. “They had no idea what was going on. They seemed disoriented and completely unaware. You heard the animal howling, as did I, but just before the mist dissipated, I heard two sounds that could only have been people getting knocked out.” “You’re sure about that?” “Absolutely.” Shuko pulled back the hood of the ghillie suit so she could lay down the parabolic microphone. “This thing is state-of-the-art technology. And I’m pretty good at identifying sounds like that.”

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