Wednesdays in the Tower (Tuesdays at the Castle)

Wednesdays in the Tower (Tuesdays at the Castle)

Jessica Day George

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 1619632659

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A castle that is constantly rearranging itself, and a young royal family sworn to protect it. Celie, Rolf, and their beloved Castle Glower are back in this exciting sequel to Tuesdays at the Castle.

When her brother Rolf dares her to catch magical Castle Glower creating a new room, Princess Celie takes the challenge. No one knows the Castle better than she does. But as usual, the Castle has ideas of its own. Celie finds the new room first, and inside it is hidden a giant egg. It looks like the Castle wants Celie to care for the egg and whatever creature it hatches, but Celie hadn't bargained for a pet. And caring for this one will prove to be especially tricky once Celie and her siblings realize what else the Castle is hiding . . .

Jessica Day George's magical series is a classic in the making―and not to be missed.

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as though the queen controlled the weather. Lilah began dutifully repeating, and Rolf nudged Celie. “What’s going on with you and the griffins?” Rolf said in a loud whisper. The hair on the back of Celie’s neck stood on end, and her palms slicked with sweat. “What?” she choked out. Seeing Master Humphries looking at her, she managed to lower her voice. “What griffin? What are you talking about?” “Aren’t you looking for griffins in the library?” “What? No!” Celie saw a vision of Rufus in the

it’s just a Glower family thing,” Celie mumbled, embarrassed. “But I just started noticing it, since the Castle’s been going crazy.” “I’ll have to ask Bran if he gets it, too,” Pogue said. “But anyway, we’ve got to get Rufus back inside the Castle somehow, and apparently you’re still not allowed to just walk him right out of here.” He sighed. “I guess he’ll have to fly back,” Celie said. “Thank goodness it’s starting to get dark out.” “Plus your cloak is dark blue,” Pogue said, coming closer.

Celie put her knee into Pogue’s cupped hands, and he boosted her easily onto Rufus’s back. She sat up straight while Rufus shifted under her and tried to look poised, as though she rode griffins all the time. The truth was that she hardly even rode her pony anymore, and Rufus was not as much like a pony as she’d thought. His back was narrower than her pony’s, and bonier, and the muscles that moved his wings rolled under his hide in a way that made her feel like he could slide her right onto his

ascertained in quick order that the creature was not hurt, that it was indeed a griffin, and that it was male, and demanded to know once again what Celie had done. “Why do you say that like this is such a bad thing?” Celie pushed her hair back in exasperation. It was damp with sweat from carrying the griffin, and sheer nerves, and she had lost her ribbon somewhere along the way. “It’s not like I purposefully brought a griffin here. I don’t even know where griffins come from!” “That’s true, I

Lord Wizard,” the maid said, and hurried off. “I wish I was the Royal Wizard,” Celie grumbled. “We’ll see if we can’t get something set up with the kitchens,” Bran said. “I’ll go and talk to Cook myself.” “What if she says something to Master Humphries?” Celie asked. “What happens if he tells her that I haven’t been assigned an experiment involving raw meat and dried corn?” “Well,” Bran began, “perhaps—” As Celie turned her attention to the griffin, to stop him from gnawing on the leg of a

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