Wet Dog

Wet Dog

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 1455531472

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

An adorable and hilarious collection of dog photographs.

Every dog owner knows too well the fun and misery of bath time: the wriggles, the poignant looks, the playful splashes. WET DOG, by photographer Sophie Gamand, is a stunning and touching capture of this intimate moment. Elevating dog photography to the status of art, these expressive portraits of our canine friends mirror our very own human emotions.

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a corner to take in the scene and spy on the visitors discovering my photographs, I realized they all had a similar reaction. Everyone loves a wet dog. Soon after I started working on the Wet Dog book, I found another wonderful partner in the fearless, fun, and sparkly groomer Ingrid Olson from Animal Loving Care in Brooklyn. During the next six months, I organized multiple wet dog photo shoots, scouting models in the streets and among my friends. The book you are about to open is the result of

LOVING CARE Owner: Yukino Ushimaru Manager: Adrienne Preuss Groomer: Ingrid Olson 556 Court Street Brooklyn, NY 11231 www.animallovingcare.com THE SALTY PAW Owner: Amanda Byron Zink 38 Peck Slip New York, NY 10038 www.thesaltypaw.com WET DOGS UNITE FOR SHELTER PETS I am a fervent supporter of animal adoption and, with my project Striking Paws, I spend countless hours working with shelters and rescue groups. Despite the common misconceptions people have, a shelter dog is a wonderful

easy way to help many pets in need, while recycling your towels and linens for a great cause. You’ll make a shelter pet’s life a little easier while they wait for a home to call their own. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS There are many people to thank when a book is born. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by an incredibly supportive network of family and friends. First and foremost, my gratitude goes to my family and my husband, Sten. By my side, they have gone through the ups and downs of an artist’s career

the perfect home for my Wet Dogs. Thanks also to Beth Tondreau for her design talent and all the attention she gave our wet dogs, making sure they all found a place to shine! Last, but not least, I have to thank all the models and their parents (or dare I say pawrents?). Longtime friends, or strangers I had stopped in the street, all of you have made the Wet Dog book possible. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Sophie Gamand is an award-winning French photographer living and working in New York. Since 2010, her

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