Rick Cook

Language: English

Pages: 10

ISBN: 0671698036

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

What Wiz Zumalt could do with computers was magic on Earth. Then, one day the master computer hacker is called to a different world to help fight an evil known as the Black League. Suddenly, the Wiz finds himself in a place governed by magic--and in league with a red-headed witch who despises him.

Sky Trillium (The Saga of the Trillium, Book 5)

Insatiable Appetites (Stone Barrington, Book 32)

White Gold Wielder (The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, Book 3)

Lioness Rampant (The Song of the Lioness, Book 4)














even with all of us working together we are not sure we can send you back. But we believe the chances are very good." "I don't think I want to go," he said firmly and drew Moira to him. "Not now." The hedge-witch came close, but he could still feel the tension in her body. Bal-Simba grinned. "I thought that would be your answer. But I had to make the offer. And remember Sparrow, you can change your mind. The North owes you a great debt." "You owe a greater debt to Patrius," Wiz said. "It was

berries. I filled my apron with them that my mother might make preserves. My father had found a bee tree, you see. "It took me all the afternoon to gather enough berries. I was away for hours. And when I returned . . . there was no one there. "The door to the cottage stood open and the cream was still in the churn, but my parents and brother and sisters were gone. I looked and called and searched until after nightfall. For three days I looked, but I never found them." "What happened to them?"

snorted. "He was probably making it up. I doubt his grandfather ever came within a weeks journey of that stead." "But men did live in the Wild Wood once, didn't they?" "Parts of it, yes." "Why did they leave?" "Because they were fools like that man," Moira snapped. "Because they went where they should not and paid the penalty for it! Now save your breath for walking." She lengthened her stride and left him staring at her back. They're being pushed back, Wiz thought as he struggled to keep up

rivalries among themselves. They play deep and subtle games with their own kind and meddle seldom in the affairs of mortals. Perhaps we are part of such a game." "Well, as long as he's willing to put us up, we can be whumpuses for all I care." "What's a whumpus?" "An imaginary animal." Wiz lay back on the couch and started to put his feet up before looking at his muddy shoes and thinking better of it. "Now what?" "Now we had best make ready for dinner." Moira rose from the chair. "This is

their stations, ready to repel magical attacks and to add their abilities to those of the Watchers. Finally, from their laboratories and lodgings, the Mighty began to arrive. The room filled with the nose-burning tang of ozone and shimmers of magical force. Bal-Simba entered with Arianne at his side. He stood in the doorway for a moment, surveying the organized chaos, and then moved to the great chair on the platform overlooking the room. On the wall opposite a map sprang into existence showing

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